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  1. What is definition of master athletes
    Older athletes who are no longer competitive in their sport
  2. 2 health benefits of playing sports at older age
    -low incidence of chronic diseases such as CVD, HTN, DM

    • -do not see changes considered a normal consequence of aging
    • *reduced muscle mass and strength, reduced aerobic capacity, bone loss, and deterioration of insulin response to glucose
  3. Energy intake)  what is one national concern?
    Energy needs decrease with age due to decrease in BMR and in physical activity
  4. Can regular participation in aerobic activities and resistance training inhibit the age related decrease in rmr?
    • Yes it can.
    • *main predicting factor for the energy needs decreasing is the volume of exercise not aging
  5. Carb guidelines for masters athletes (2)
    *just like younger athletes
    5-7 g/kg/day for general training needs

    7-10 g/kg/day for endurance athletes

    1-1.5 g/kg within an hour after exercise for recovery with an additional 1g/kg 2 hours later
  6. Protein guidelines
    1.2-1.7 g/kg
  7. Fat guidelines
    1.0 g/kg
  8. Which micros should we pay attention to? (9)
    -vitamin D

    -Vitamin E

    -Vitamin B12






  9. Which 2 micro's would they benefit from supplementation and why?
    Vitamin d and B12 because absorption decreases with aging
  10. 4 potential concerns with fluids in master athletes
    -older adults have less body water

    -thirst sensation decreases with age

    -sweat glands change as the skin ages with less sweat produced per gland

    • -renal mass declines with subsequent decrease in renal blood flow after age of 40
    • *more water is needed to remove waste products
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