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  1. Who is responsible for the establishment, administration, and direction of an inspection and maintenance program for the towers under their jurisdiction.
    Commanding Officers of Civil Engineering Units
  2. A channel of clearly fixed responsibility for tower inspection and maintenance shall be established from _____
    Civil Engineering Unit (CEU)
  3. Since differences in tower designs, materials, age, local environment, and previous maintenance are some of the factors of the inspection and maintenance program, standards shall be established by the
    servicing CEU
  4. ____is a primary consideration to which all Coast Guard personnel must devote their complete attention whenever they are climbing a tower or are in the immediate vicinity of atower of any height.

  5. All personnel engaging in construction, maintenance, repair or inspection shall use _____________when working on any Coast Guard tower.
    Fall Protection
  6. A safety helmet is required to be worn by any person within the tower drop zone, which is an area whose radius is ____________ and centered on the tower axis.
    1/2 the height of the tower
  7. The _________ has the authority to administer the Tower Climber Certification program for all units within its area of responsibility (AOR).
    servicing CEU
  8. All Personal Protective Equipment used must meet the standards of
    29 CFR 1926.502, Fall Protection System Criteria and Practices, Subpart M, Fall Protection.
  9. Personal Fall Arrest Systems consist at minimum of______
    an anchorage, full body harness, deceleration lanyard and connecting device.
  10. All connecting hardware must have a minimum tensile strength of______
    5000 pounds and shall be proof tested to a minimum of 3600 pounds.
  11. The working load limit is equal to the combined ____ and _____ weight. Generally, the working load limit for a full body harness is ____ pounds.
    Person, Tool, 310
  12. Each piece of equipment shall be inspected for wear, damage, and other deterioration before each use, and defective components shall be immediately _____ from service and ________.
    Removed , Destroyed
  13. Use of a safety climb device requires that you keep _____ points of contact with the structure.
  14. What are the Five rescue techinques?
    • 1. Manual rescue
    • 2. Outside Services
    • 3. Winch Rescue
    • 4.Ascending/Descending Systems
  15. NDGPS and DGPS shall ______ climbed under any circumstanceswhile energized
    not be
  16. The servicing CEU should maintain a complete file for each tower or antenna system containing:
    • a. Inspection reports.
    • b. Specifications used for inspection or maintenance.
    • c. Correspondence pertaining to the particular tower or antenna.
    • d. Records of all maintenance or modifications.
    • e. Updated inventory of tower spare parts.
    • f. Pertinent procurement documents.
  17. What are the four inspection categories for towers?
    • 1. Tall Tower Coordination Center (TTCC) Level
    • 2. Major Field Command Level
    • 3. Intermediate Level
    • 4. Unit/Field Level
  18. This category of responsibility includes policy development, technical assistance to support CEUs, MLCs and other units involved with the tower program.
    Tall Tower Coordination Center (TTCC) Level
  19. This is the primary level ofresponsibility and rests with the CEU.
    Major Field Command Level
  20. Inspection on a ______is the most effective way to protect the Coast Guard's investment in towers.
    • periodic basis
  21. Typically ESUs, Groups and some elements of MLC staff fall into this category depending on the tower function.
    Intermediate Level
  22. Because of seasonal storm cycles, antenna systems should be carefully inspected ________
    about once per year
  23. The ability of the inspector to detect _____and to recognize _____ is of paramount importance.
    potentially hazardous conditions, serious defects
  24. Considering their full time availability, station personnel should be used to the maximum possible extent for _______ inspections.
    ground level tower
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