304lab: US Diatherm light

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  1. where can you identify the BNR and the ERA of the ATR equimpment:
    BNR & ERA are found on the cord of the soundhead
  2. what does BNR and ERA mean?

    BNR: is the degree to which the US beam varies, the highest intensity within the beam relative to the average intensity of the soundhead

    • clinical application: if the wand is not moving, the peak stays in one small area.... burns... keep soundhead moving!!

    • effective radiating area
    • ERA: the area of the transducer from which the US energy radiates

    • general rule: tx area is 2x the size of the soundhead
    • duration: 5-10 minutes for each tx area that is 2x the ERA

    if the tx area is more than 2x the ERA: it is NOT creating the physiological effect intended
  3. how does BNR effect the ultrasound tx:
  4. if the BNR is indicated as 3:1 and the meter displays  an output of 2 W/cm2, at some point in the beam the actual intensity will be equivalent to:
    6 w/cm2

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