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  1. The treaty that ended the Mexican-American War was...
    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  2. California became a state in...
  3. The support that soil receives from the land adjacent to it is called...
    lateral support
  4. A person who, because of a mistake of law or fact, makes an improvement to the land in good faith and under erroneous belief that  s/he is the owner of the land is called...
    a good-faith improver
  5. An object, right, or interest that is incidental to the land and goes with or pertains to the land is called...
    an appurtenance
  6. An area six miles square, containing 36 sections is a...
  7. Mineral rights that are sold separate from the land...
    are real property and carry an implied right to enter the land for extraction.
  8. The rights of a landowner to use water from a stream or lake adjacent to his or her property are...
    riparian rights
  9. The law of capture state that the oil in its natural state below a parcel of land...
    is never owned by the owner of the land.
  10. A landowner owns all of the airspace above his or her land...
    up to a reasonable height.
  11. The most significant test for determining whether an item is a fixture is...
    the intention of the person attaching the item.
  12. A property described as the W 1/2 of the NW 1/4 and the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 of the E 1/3 of Section 2 contains how many acres?
  13. Trade fixtures are sometimes referred to as...
    chattel fixtures.
  14. A key to the front door of a residence is...
    real property.
  15. A method of land description that states a property's lot, block, and tract number, referring to a map recorded in the county wher the property is located...
    Recorded Map land description
  16. In a township, how far is section number 4 from section number 33?
    4 miles
  17. For determining whether an item is a fixture, the "relationship of the parties" test favors...
    the tenant over the landlord and the borrower over the lender.
  18. Oil and gas deposits below the land are considered...
    part of real estate.
  19. In order for an easement appurtenant to exist,there must be...
    a servient tenement and a dominant tenement.
  20. Smoke wafting over one person's property from another's property is most likely...
    a nuisance.
  21. An easement created by reservation would be terminated through...
    the owner of the dominant tenement acquiring the servient tenement and destruction of the servient tenement.
  22. Which is not a nuisance?
    ~ an overhanging balcony
    ~ radiation from a power line
    ~ smell from a factory
    ~ all of the above
    an overhanging balcony
  23. A cable company has the right to enter your front yard to maintain its cable lines. The cable company probably has...
    an easement in gross.
  24. The three methods of land description are...
    • ~recorded map method
    • ~sections and townships method
    • ~metes and bounds method
  25. The recorded map method is also known as the ....
    lot, block, and tract method
  26. There are three baseline-meridians in California, they are...
    • ~Humboldt
    • ~Mt. Diablo
    • ~San Bernardino
  27. A section is...
    1 square mile
  28. One square mile contains how many acres?
  29. A township has how many square miles?

    How many sections?

  30. One acre has how many square feet?
  31. One mile is how long?
    5280 feet or 320 rods
  32. Metes is a term referring to _____.
    A measure of length
  33. Bounds refers to what?
    Boundary points
  34. A rod is ____ feet long.
    16 1/2
  35. An square acre is how many feet per side?
  36. A wind chime hanging by twine from a tree branch is...
    personal property.
  37. An abatement is___.
    a legal action to remove a nuisance.
  38. The right of appropriation is...
    the legal right to take possession of and use for beneficial purposes water from streams and other bodies of water.
  39. A bill of sale is...
    a written document given by a seller to a purchaser of personal property.
  40. A commercial acre is...
    the buildable part of an acre that remains after subtracting land needed for streets, sidewalks, and curbs.
  41. Condition subsequent is...
    a condition that, upon its occurrence, can result in the forfeiture of an interest in property.
  42. A covenant is...
    a contractual promise to do or not do certain acts, the remedy for breach thereof being either monetary damages or injunctive relief, not forfeiture.
  43. A deed is...
    a document that when signed by the grantor and legally delivered to the grantee conveys title to real property.
  44. Ejectment is...
    a legal action to recover possession of real property from a person who is not legally entitled to possess it.
  45. Emblements are...
    growing crops that are produced seasonally through a tenant farmer's labor and industry.
  46. An encroachment is...
    a thing affixed under, on, or above land of another without permission.
  47. An implied easement is...
    am easement arising by implication, as when a purchaser of mineral rights automatically acquires an implied right to enter the property to extract the minerals.
  48. A nuisance is...
    anything that is indecent or offensive to the senses, or an obstruction to the free use of the property, so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property.
  49. Profit a prendre is...
    the right to enter another's land for such purposes as to drill for oil, mine for coal, or cut and remove timber.
  50. Subjacent support is...
    the support that soil receives from land beneath it.

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