Ch 11 Words Part 2

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  1. nocturia
    the need to urinate frequently at night
  2. oliguria
    reduced urination less than 500ml with in 24hrs
  3. pyruria
    pus mixture of WBC, bacteria and cell debris from an infection in the urine
  4. cystitis
    inflammation of the urinary bladder
  5. cystocele
    herniation of the urinary bladder
  6. cystolith
    stone or calculus, in the urinary bladder
  7. enuresis
    involuntary release of urine
  8. nocturnal enuresis
    involuntary release of urine during the night
  9. epispadias
    congenital defect resulting in the abnormal position of the urinary meatus
  10. glomerulonephritis
    inflammation of the glomeruli
  11. glomerulonephropathy
    disease of the glomerulus
  12. hydronephrosis
    the exit of urine out of the kidneys becomes blocked by an obstruction in the ureter, the urine will back up to cause distension of the renal pelvis
  13. hypospadias
    change in the location of the urinary meatus ventrally
  14. urinary incontinence
    inability to control urination
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