Ch 11 Words Part 4

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  1. uremia
    excess of urea and other nitrogenous wastes in the blood
  2. ureteritis
    inflammation of the ureter
  3. ureterocele
    herniated ureter
  4. ureterolithiasis
    one or more stones or calculi within the ureter
  5. urinary retention
    abnormal accumulation of urine in the urinary bladder
  6. urinary suppression
    acute stoppage or urine formation by the kidneys
  7. acute renal failure
    cease of kidney function
  8. urinary tract infection
    • UTI
    • infection of the urinary organs, usually the urethra and urinary bladder
  9. blood urea nitrogen
    • BUN
    • measures urea concentration in blood sample as indicator of kidney function
  10. cystectomy
    surgical removal of the urinary bladder
  11. cystogram
    Xray image from a cystography
  12. cystography
    xray procedure producing an image of the urinary bladder with injection of a contrast medium
  13. cystoureterography
    xray procedure of the urinary bladder and ureters
  14. cystoureterogram
    xray image from cystoureterography
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