Ch 11 Words Part 6

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  1. nephrology
    medical field that studies and treats disorders associated with kidneys
  2. nephrologist
    physician specializing in nephrology
  3. nephrolysis
    surgical procedure during which abnormal adhesions are removed from a kidney, loosening the organ
  4. nephropexy
    surgical fixation of a kidney if abnormally loose
  5. nephroscopy
    visual examination of kidney nephrons may be performed in the procedure
  6. nephrosonography
    ultrasound procedure that provides an image of the kidney for diagnostic analysis
  7. nephrostomy
    procedure that surgically creates an opening though the body wall and into a kidney
  8. pyelostomy
    established to allow a catheter to be inserted from the exterior to a renal pelvis for urine drainage
  9. nephrotomography
    diagnostic procedure that images the kidney with sectional xrays to observe internal details of kidney structure
  10. nephrotomogram
    image obtained from a nephrotomography
  11. peritoneal dialysis
    processes fluids and electrolyte by artificial filtration as a cleaning treatment to compensate for kidney failure
  12. pyelogram
    xray image of the renal pelvis useful to examine kidney related disorders
  13. retrograde pyelogram
    • RP
    • procedure that involves injection of contrast medium into the ureter using a cytoscope
  14. intravenous pyelogram
    • IVP
    • iodine used as the contrast medium and is injected into the bloodstream
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