AST 4-1

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  1. use to retract spermatic cord during inguinal herniorraphy
    penrose drain
  2. place indwelling foley catheter prior to hysterectomy
    to avoid injury to bladder
  3. best scissor for extending arterial incision
  4. used to stain cervix for scholler's test
    lugols solution
  5. what vessel arises for the left ventricle of the heart
    ascending aorta
  6. what method is used confirm that items have been exposed to the sterilization process but sterility no guaranteed
  7. why label hair of patient undergoing craniotomy
    it is patient property
  8. to prepare double basin for sterilization
    separate by a porous absorbent towel
  9. during total hip arthroplasty what requires intermedullary reaming prior to placement of prothesis
    femoral canal
  10. least restrictive form of credentialing
  11. drug classification of demerol
  12. what should be transported with thyroidectomy
    tracheotomy tray
  13. chemical abbreviation for sodium chloride
  14. organelle is responsible for packaging of proteins
    golgi complex
  15. when does a patient need to sign an authorization form
    all routine tx and procedures
  16. medication used as topical jelly during cystoscopy procedure
  17. primary postoperative complication of carotid endarterectomy
  18. at what time should you open surgical dressing sponges
    after final count
  19. if sterililized rigid instrument container is opened what should you do
    dont use return to sterile processing
  20. method of sterilization that requires an aeration cycle
  21. elevated IOP in a glaucoma pt is a result of excess
    Aqueous humor
  22. placement of grounding pad during laparoscopic surgery if pat has rt hip prosthesis
    left ant thigh
  23. trendelenburg position used for surgeries in
    lower abdomen and pelvis
  24. large artery that arises from left side of aortic arch and descends into arm
  25. lesions in which part of brain affect balance and coordination
  26. utilization processes of cavitation
    Ultrasonic cleaner
  27. named for a dorsally angulated fracture of the distal radius ( inside wrist )
    Colles fracture
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