Lysine/Ornithine Decarboxylase/ Nitrate test

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  1. What is the purpose of Lysine Decarboxylase test?
    To see if an organism is capable of breaking down lysine into cadaverine using an enzyme, lysine decarboxylase
  2. If lysine decarboxylase is present what color does the tt turn? what is released?
    The entire tube will turn purple and it releases CO2
  3. What test is this? How would you record results?
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    • This is a lysine decarboxylase test
    • TT on the left is positive for glucose fermentation and negative for decarboxylase
    • TT on the right is positive for glucose fermentation and decarboxylase
  4. How to tell if a organism produces decarboxylase?
    Bromocresol + decarboxylase = Purple(+)
  5. Decarboxylation results in
    • Purple media
    • Alkaline environments 
    • Cadaverine
  6. Ornithine Decarboxylase breaks down ornithine into ___
  7. Based on test results, what signs show an organism is positive for ODC
    • Results are pink/purple
    • Which means in alkaline
  8. 2 ways to transfer energy
    • Reduction - The gain of electron(s)
    • Oxidation - The loss of electron(s)

    REDOX rxn
  9. What is the toxic build of from the ETC?
  10. Nitrate test, test for ____
    • Nitrate reduction
    • N03-   -->  NO2-  --> N2O --> N2
  11. When doing a Nitrate test, how can you tell Nitrate was reduced?
    • Add 5 drops of reagent A then Nitrate reagent B
    • If it turns red, then you know that Nitrate (NO3) was reduce to Nitrite (NO2)
    • If no red occurs you add zinc powder, if it turns red then its negative for NO3 reduction (Zn + NO3 = red) 
    • If no color develops are Zn was added then Nitrate was reduce to further nitrogen cmpd
  12. Name the 4 categories of aerotolerance
    • Obligate aerobe
    • Obligate anaerobe 
    • Microaerophiles 
    • Facultative anaerobes.
  13. Microaerophiles
    Grow best in the presence of low [02]

    In tt will grow right below the top layer
  14. Obligate aerobes
    Must grown in the presence of O2
  15. Facultative anaerobes
    O2 is not required, but grows best in the presence of O2 

    Will grown throughout the entire tt
  16. Obligate anaerobes
    • Need to grow in the presence of NO O2
    • Ois toxic to these type of organisms 
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