Gelatinase/Motility/ Catalase/Oxidase Test

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  1. What is used in a Gelatinase test?
    • ~ 1mL of DI water
    • Plastic gelatin strip
    • Bacteria
  2. What is the purpose of the motility test?
    To determine if an organism is motile and produced an enzyme reductase.
  3. What test is this? How would you read it?
    Image Upload
    • This is a motility test. 
    • The test on the left is non motile and
    • The test on the right is motile
  4. Why do motility tests turn red?
    Because an enzyme reductase is release and reduced the TTC agar in to make formazan
  5. What is the purpose of Gelatinase Test?
    To determine the ability of a bacteria to hydrolyze gelatin.
  6. What test is this? How would you record it? Image Upload
    • This is a Gelatinase Test
    • Test tube on the left is (-) for Gelatinase 
    • Test tube on the right is (+) for gelatinase

    In lab, Blue plastic showing (+), all gree (-)
  7. How does Gelatinase work?
    • It works by taking Gelatin, breaking it down to polypeptides, then breaking it even further into amino acids for cell use
    • All Gelatinase reaction must use H2O (Hydrolytic)
  8. Catalase Test
    • Shows the presence of an enzyme catalase.
    • If Positive for catalase, bacteria will bubble with the presence of H2O(Hydrogen Peroxide)
    • Turns H2O2 --> 2H2O + O2

  9. Purpose of oxidase test
    To determine if the organism contains the nezyme oxidase
  10. How does an Oxidase test work?
    • Add 2 drops of oxidase reagent 
    • Smear cells on outer edge of drops

    If positive cells will turn pink/dark red
  11. In the presence of aerobic environments, organisms must produce
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