Aristotle Friendship Philosophy

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  1. Types of friends
    • 1. Utility
    • 2. Pleasure
    • 3. Perfect
  2. Utility
    • uses the other person (both must benefit, reciprocal)
    • ie friend with truck to help move
    • ie people you work with can switch schedules with you

    These friendships don't last long!
  3. Pleasure
    • common interest you get pleasure from
    • ie hobby/music

    these friendships don't last long because interests change (usually young people friends)
  4. Perfect
    • based on virtue or goodness
    • ie Socrates and people who followed him. Follow him b/c of virtue (and vice versa)
  5. Why does it take so long for perfect friendships to develop?
    • A. It takes time to determine whether or not friends have those virtues
    • B. Need to eat salt together (go through difficult situations to reveal those things)
  6. Why does the benefactor love who he helps more than those he help love the benefactor?
    • Happiness is an activity of the soul
    • Benefactor is being active, receiver is being passive

    • ie poet = benefactor. 
    • audience = being helped
  7. What is the nature of true self love
    • Bad self love - basic selfishness
    • ie fulfill appetite, desires

    True self love = develop virtues
  8. Why does a virtuous man need [perfect] friends?
    • 1. We're social creatures (so kinda fulfill our nature)
    • **2. Activity is always better than activity (activity is a form of contemplation)
    • 3. Having virtuous friends can help improve you
  9. Activity of contemplation (why we need perfect friends)
    • contemplate virtues
    • It's pleasing to contemplate virtues, even more so to contemplate YOUR virtues.
    • If they are a perfect friend and they have x virtue, you have that virtue to because they're friends with you!
    • This is so pleasing, they're your mirror!
  10. Perfect friends
    allow you to be happy by reflecting your virtues which you can then contemplate
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