Nussbaum Philosophy

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  1. Interpretation of Aristotle
    He is NOT a relativist (most other contemporary phil think he is b/c of virtues. Virtue ethics, virtue is dependent on culture thus is relative).
  2. Nussbaum 2 arguments
    • Nameless Virtue Argument
    • Grounding Experiences Argument
  3. Nameless Virtue Argument
    • Premise: If virtues and vices are relative to the culture, then there must/would be names for them. But Aristotle lists virtues that don't have a name.
    • Conclusion: Therefore virtues and vice are NOT relative for Aristotle

    ie over indulgence, moderation, ?
  4. Grounding Experiences Argument

    aka shared experiences or spheres of experience
    • universal to human beings based on limitations b/c we are human beings
    • ie humor or fear of death
    • We have grounding experiences which lead to nominal/thin definitions which lead to full/thicke definition
  5. Grounding Experience Example
    • Grounding Experience is thunder.
    • Hear the noise of thunder. First conclude that its that noise in the clouds, whatever it is.

    Could be A Zuess in the clouds, B other,  C Scientific Explination

    Based on grounding experience not culture
  6. Grounding Experience
    Potential Fear of Death
    Courage virtue that confronts death... whatever that is.

    How to answer that is A B C, C is correct
  7. 3 Objections to her argument
    • 1. Just b/c there is one problem does not mean there is JUST one solution.
    • 2. There are no grounding experiences (ie pain and pleasure is not universal but culturally based)
    • 3. Some of Aristotle's Virtues seem dependent on culture (ie culture changes, virtue disappears)
  8. Objection # 3 Example
    • Capitalist vs Marxists
    • Capitalists - private property and virtue of generosity developes
    • Marxists - No private property, no virtue of generosity developes

    which means its relative and not universal
  9. Nussbaum address # 3
    Private property disappears but not generosity

    • Still be generous and peopel still need help, but in a different way
    • Context is reflected in a different way though the virtue is the same!
  10. Nussbaum address # 1
    • A. Quiet Revolution (teach Baghledesh women to read)
    • 1. Try a general approach but failed. Need new virtue to guide them?
    • 2. No no, literacy is the solution. Try more particular approach and it works.

    One virtue works
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