Spanish Words April

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  1. Culture
    To enjoy the Spanish culture
    • Cultura
    • Disfrutar la cultura de espanola
  2. Visa
    I completed the application of the Visa
    • Visado
    • Acabe la solicitud del visado
  3. Corn
    We made corn bread
    • Maize
    • hicimos pan de maiz
  4. Fence
  5. In addition, moreover, besides
    I'm tired and in addition,i don't feel like it
    • Ademas
    • estoy cansado y, adem├ís, no me apetece
  6. Sabatical
    It is a year sabbatical and we are looking for a city for to live
    • Sabatico
    • es un ano sabatico y Estamos Buscando una ciudad para vivir
  7. Country
    What country did you like most?
    • Pais
    • Que Pais te gusto mas?
  8. an Adventure
    Una aventura
  9. a year sabatical
    un ano sabatico
  10. recently
    • hace poco
    • or
    • recientemente
  11. We went to Spain to look for a city to live
    Fuimos a espana para buscar una ciudad para vivir
  12. Around
    Valencia has a park around the city
    • Alrededor de
    • Valencia tiene un parque alrededor de la ciudad
  13. Slide (playground)
  14. Fun
    It was fun
    • Divertido
    • Fue divertido
  15. Dog poo
    Las Cacas del Perro
  16. Perhaps

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Spanish Words
Spanish Words
Spanish Words
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