Muscles 2b Back (lab)

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  1. Latissimus Dorsi

    O T7-L5, Iliac crest

    I Intertubercular groove

    A Adduct humerus
  2. Teres Major

    O Inferior border of scapula

    I Intertubercular groove

    A Extend shoulder
  3. Not on model
    Rhomboid major

    O T2-T5 Spinous process

    I Medial border of scapula

    A adducts scapula
  4. Levator Scapulae

    O C1-C4 transverse process

    I Scapula

    A Elevates scapula
  5. Trapezius

    O Occipital bone

    I Acromion, Spine of scapula, clavicle

    A Extends head, elevates scapula
  6. Spinalus (2 Parts)

    O1 C7

    I1 C2-C4

    O2 L2

    I2 T4-T8

    A Extends head and vertebral column
  7. Anterior view
    Quadratus Lumborum

    O Iliac crest

    I Rib 12, L1-L4

    A Extends lumbar vertebral column
  8. What is an Aponeurosis?
    Tendon in the form of a sheet

    Ex. Palmar aponeurosis
  9. What is a Retinaculum?
    A band that stabilizes tendons

    Ex. Flexor retinaculum in hand
  10. What is a tendon?
    Attaches muscle to bone

    Ex. Achilles tendon
  11. Fascia
    Connective tissue sheath that separates the muscle from other bodies

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