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  1. what was the french estates general?
    french version of a parliament
  2. how powerful were the estates general?
    they were weak
  3. who had the real political power in france as the modern age began?
    the King
  4. How much power did the popes have over medieval french kings?
    Not much, the King was like a national Pope
  5. what idea was taking hold in france on the eve of the protestant reformation?
    that the king was the same as the state and that the state was the same as the church
  6. who were the huguenots?
    french calvinist protestant
  7. how were the huguenots treated?
    they were forced to flee of they would be persecuted
  8. about how many nobles in france were huguenots?
    nearly half
  9. what queen mother attempted to rule for her young sons?
    cathrine de medicis
  10. what kind of ruler was Cathorine de Medicis?
    she was ruthless, unscriptual, and selfish
  11. how many civil wars were fought in france in the last forty years of the sixteenth century?
    nine civil wars
  12. name two protestant leaders in the nine civil war?
    admiral Gaspard de Coligny, and Henry of Bourbon,
  13. what family led the catholic forces?
  14. how many huguenots were killed in St. Bartholomew's day of Massacre?
  15. how did Henry of Navarre escape death?
    he vowed to change his religion
  16. who was the first protestant king of France?
    Henry IV
  17. what were the provisions of the edict of Nantes?
    that the Huguenots could live in any town or districts of France they chose, but could practice their worship only in specifically designated towns were Protestantism had previously been the prevailing form of worship
  18. who attempted to rule France after the assassination of Henry IV?
    His wife, Marie de Medicis
  19. who really controlled the government after Henry IV's death?
    Cardinal Richelieu
  20. what did the Huguenots lose in the peace of Alias?
    lost their fortified towns and armies
  21. How old was Louis XIV when his father died?
    less than five
  22. who ruled for Louis while he was a child?
  23. describe the importance of France during the reign of Louis XVI.
    it was one of the most important nations of Europe and therefore the world. The population was 4 times England's and 2 times Spain's. France was a very prosperous nation and a flourishing center of philosophy, science, and art.
  24. for what was Louis XIV known for?
    he had one of the longest reigns of any king in history (70 years)
  25. what was Louis XVI called?
    the Sun King
  26. what is absolutism?
    unlimited rule by one man
  27. wast saying of Louis XIV expressed his belief in absolutism?
    "I am the state"
  28. how did Louis XIV he demonstrate this belief?
    He never called the Estates-General
  29. descrive the palace of Versailles, and what was the purpose of all its spledor?
    it was a great work of architecture in the Modern Age, it had halls of mirrors, tapestry, chandeliers, and formal occasions to keep the aristocracy occupied
  30. How did Louis XIV change the military system in France?
    He set up a definite military organization in France with himself at the top.
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