Similarities and Differences between Bryophytes and Vascular Plants and other things

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  1. Location


    mostly terrestrial

    all multicellular

    all develop from embryos within the female gametangium
  2. Vascular tissue

    Bryophytes: no vascular tissue, except for simple water-conducting cells or sugar-transporting cells in some mosses

    Vascular Plants: xylem and phloem present

    Bryophtes: no roots; have rhizoids (mostly parenchyma tissue) as anchoring and absorbing structures); no true stems and leaves

    Vascular Plants: true roots; stems and leaves
  3. Dominance of generation

    Spore Walls

    Gametangia and Sporangia
    Bryophytes: gametophyte dominant; sporophyte dependent on the gametophyte

    Vascular: sporophyte dominant; ultimately independent of the gametophyte

    Both spore walls contain sporollenin

    Both have gametangia and sporangia that are multicellular and protected by a jacket of sterile cells
  4. Explain the antheridium of a bryophyte.
    all cells to the inside of the sterile outer layer of cells are capable of producing sperm

    sterile cells cannot
  5. Explain the archegonium of the bryophytes.
    has a neck and a sterile layer of cells

    The venter is below the neck 

    the whole structure produces just one egg
  6. What does the sporangial head contain?


  7. Sphanum: Phylum __

    Portion of a "Leaf": What are the parts?

    • hyaline cell
    • vegetative cell
    • chloroplast
  8. Explain the life cycle (asexual) of Marchantia, a Liverwort
    gametophyte has gemmae cups which contain and produce gemmae which develop into the gametophyte
  9. Sexual Life cycle of Marchantia
    Gametophyte--> a and b

    a: female thallus with archegoniophores forms--> archegonium which produces one egg

    b: male thallus with antheridiophores forms--> antheridium--> produces sperm

    egg and sperm fuse--> fertilization (2n)--> zygote--> meiosis--> sporophyte--> spore release--> spores--> gametophyte
  10. Where is the antheridia located in Marchantia? archegonia?
    • antheridia: top part as scallops
    • archegonia are located downward up top
  11. What does an archegonium consist of?
    • neck
    • venter
    • egg
  12. What does a sporophyte consist of? in Liverwort
    • sporangium (2n jacket)
    • elaters (2n)
    • seta 2n 
    • foot 2n
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