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  1. Abduction
    Movement of part away from midline of body
  2. Adduction
    Movement of part toward midline of body
  3. Circumduction
    Combination of flexion, extension, abduction, and adduction resulting in circular motion of a body part.
  4. Dorsiflexion
    Flexion of the ankle and toes toward the shin
  5. Eversion
    Turning of sole outward away from midline of body
  6. Extension
    Straightening of joint that increases angle between two bones
  7. External rotation
    Movement along longitudinal axis away from midline of body
  8. Flexion
    Bending of joint as a result of muscle contraction that results in decreased angel between two bones.
  9. Hyperextension
    Extension in which angle exceeds 180 degrees
  10. Internal rotation
    Movement along longitudinal axis toward midline of body.
  11. Inversion
    Turning of sole inward toward midline of body
  12. Opposition
    Moving the first and fifth metacarpals anteriorly from a flattened palm (“cupping position”); makes it possible to hold objects between the thumb and fingers.
  13. Plantar flexion
    Flexion of the ankle and toes toward the plantar surface of the foot (“toes pointed”)
  14. Pronation
    Turning of palm downward
  15. Supination
    Turning of palm upward

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Synovial Joint Movements; Lewis chapter 62
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