Marketing & eCommerce Test #3

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  1. Benefits of BI
    • continuous rather than periodic management
    • improved management of diverse business functions
    • improved collaboration
    • improved understanding of customers
  2. Emarketing
    using the internet to assist marketing strategies
  3. market segment
    a group of customers who share common needs and/or characteristics the selling firm may be able to satisfy
  4. secondary data
    data that have not been developed specifically for the task at hand but may be useful for decision making.
  5. primary data
    is information that is gathered in an effort to better make a particular decision
  6. 3 phases of website design
    • brochureware¬†
    • interactive
    • personalization
  7. brochureware phase
    commercial enterprises primarily put existing marketing brochures in digital format
  8. interactive phase
    websites begin to allow 2-way communication through email and web forms
  9. personalization phase
    • websites began to develop one-to-one marketing techniques through cookies.
    • increases site stickiness
  10. cybersquatting
    registering a domain name with the intention to use the name for financial gain without legal right to its use
  11. metatags
    search engines use these to locate relevant websites
  12. interstitals
    popup windows
  13. daughter windows
    promote a specific product of a site
  14. superstitals
    tv-like advertisement in a daughter window
  15. click fraud
    fraudulent sites generating false data to generate metrics for which they can extract payment from marketers under false pretences
  16. site usage spatial
    traffic breakdown by section
  17. site usage temporal
    traffic breakdown by time
  18. customer profile analysis
    • explicit: info from survey
    • implicit: info from user's action's or purchase history
  19. PIPEDA
    The personal information protection and electronic documents act
  20. form of assent
    users need to indicate by some means that they agree to the terms and conditions found within the contract
  21. reasonableness of contract terms
    the court system rules that the contract is invalid if terms are not reasonable
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