Chapter 18 Art

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  1. What's a Piazza
    Giant square in the center of Florence
  2. What is a loggia?
    a covered open-air corridor at one side
  3. Andre Pisano
    The life of St. John the Baptist (20 different scenes)...Baptistery doors of San Giovanni, Florence 1330-1336
  4. Cimabue
    Artist of "Virgin and Child Enhroned" A Byzantine style 12 ft painting, in the church of Santa Trinita, Florence 1280.
  5. Giotto
    Forefather of the Renaissance and used classical drapery styles. Studied live models. Recreates "Virgin and Child Enthroned" 1305-1310. Most famous for his work at the arena chapel
  6. Giotto's work at the chapel
    Marriage at Cana, Raising of Lazarus, Lamentation, and the resurrection/noli me tangere 1305-1306. The Kiss of Judas 1305-1306
  7. Duccio Di Buoninsegna
    Known for creating the Maesta 1308-1311(Conjectural Reconstruction of The Front Raising of Lazarus, Betrayal of Jesus)
  8. Buon Fresco
    wet fresco technique (cant make mistakes)
  9. Ivory Chest
    Made in Paris in 1330-1350. Jousting is the main theme with several sexual undertones.
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