Ch 7

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    Someone who coordinates and oversees the work of other people so that organizational goals can be accomplished.
  2. What are the 4 functions of MG?
    • POLC
    • Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling
  3. What is the multiplier effect?
    • -An efficient MG has a cascading effect on the orgz-->start w/ MG, 2 ppl below him, then ppl below them, etc.
    • -An effective leader creates exponential value for the organization through his or her influence on the strategy, people and processes in the organization.
  4. Efficiency vs. Effectiveness
    • Efficiency-doing things right
    • -Getting the most output for the least inputs
    • -Means
    • -Example-$1.85/automated phone call vs. $4.50/live person-->low resource usage

    • Effectiveness-doing the right things
    • -Attaining orgz goals
    • -Ends

    MG strives for LOW RESOURCE WASTE (high efficiency) and HIGH GOAL ATTAINMENT (high effectiveness)
  5. What are Mintzberg's 3 Managerial Roles?
    • Interpersonal
    • Informational
    • Decisional
  6. What is the Interpersonal MG Role and its subcategories?
    -Dealing w/ people outside of the orgz

    • -1) Figurehead: performing symbolic task w/in orgz
    • -2) Leadership: responsible for action of subordinates, motivator
    • -3) Liaison: working in btw/connection btw ppl outside of orgz (student-->Jones-->PGA)
  7. Informational MG Role and 3 Subcategories
    -Receiving and communicating information

    • -1) Monitor: upper MG searches business environment for any trends or advantages (valuable information) that could help D-M
    • -2) Disseminator: disperse valuable information to other ppl in orgz
    • -3) Spokesperson: answer tough ?'s, diplomat, face of the orgz and communicates w/ the media
  8. Decisional MG Role and 4 Subcategories
    Use the information from the monitoring role and make decisions

    • -1) Entrepreneurial: initiate innovation w/in orgz
    • -2) Resource Allocator: set priorities on the use of resources
    • -3) Negotiator: work w/ pp inside and outside of orgz-->outsource
    • -4) Disturbance Handler: deals w/ "fires" at work
  9. What is Planning?
    • -Defining orgz goals, establishing strategy to obtain those goals, and developing plans to coordinate activities
    • -Where do I want to go in the future???
  10. Informal Planning vs. Formal Planning
    • Informal: not written down, short-term focus
    • -Specific to an orgz unit

    • Formal: written, specific, and long-term focus
    • -Shared goals for the orgz
  11. What is a mission statement?
    • -Statement of purpose
    • -Firm's reason for being in business
    • -Describes the scope of products and services that it delivers to the customer market, levels of profitability, how to treat EE or customers, image base portrayed to customer
    • -Comes first
  12. What is a vision statement?
    • -What the company strives to become in the long term
    • -Describes the way the orgz wants to be perceived in the future and the actions needed to get there
    • -Comes 2nd-->is flexible and can change depending on environment
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