Pharmacology test 6

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  1. Which hormone would be initially responsible for hormone secretion from the ovaries and testes?
    Gonadotropin-releasing hormone
  2. Which hormone is involved if a couple engages in the rhythm method of birth control?
  3. Which of the following would a nurse attribute to estrogen?
    Breast growth
  4. A pt complains of menstrual cramps. The nurse understands that this is due to what?
  5. Which of the following would a nurse attribute to the effect of testosterone, select all that apply
    Increased high-density lipoprotein levels
    Vocal cord thickening
    increased hematocrit
    facial hair growth
    Increased skin elasticity
    • Vocal Cord thickening
    • Increased Hematocrit
    • Facial hair growth
  6. Drugs such as norethindrone acetate transform the proliferative endometrium into a ______ endometrium
  7. The combination of estrogens with _____ increases the risk for development of thrombi and emboli
  8. Two estrogen receptor modulators are _____ and _______
    Raloxifine and Toremifene
  9. The prototype fertility agent is
  10. _______ are a group of drugs that stimulate uterine contraction
  11. A pt is prescribed estradiol in a vaginal ring form. The nurse would instruct the patient to insert the new ring at which frequency?
    Every 3 months
  12. When reviewing the hx of a pt, which of the following would a nurse identify as a contraindication for the use of progestins?
    Migraine headaches
  13. A pt is using oral contraceptives combination that includes drospierenone. The nurse would assess for which of the following?
    Abdominal Pain
  14. After teaching a woman who is reveiving estrogen hormonal therapy about substances to avoid, the nurse determines that additional teaching is needed when the pt cites which of the following?
    St Johns wort
    Orange juice
    grapefruit juice
    Orange juice
  15. A postmenopausal women is receiving reloxifene as part of a treatment plan for osteoporosis. The nurse would instruct the patient that this drug is administered by which route?
  16. A group of students are reviewing the various fertility drugs available. The students demonstrate understanding when they identify which drug as being administered orally?
    Follitropin alfa
  17. Which agent would a nurse expect to be ordered for a patient who experiences preterm labor?
  18. The nurse monitors a patient receiving oxytocin for water intoxication based on the understanding this condition is the result of which of the following?
    -Stimulation of the neuroreceptor sites
    -Release of the antidiuretic hormone
    -Effects secondary to ergotism
    -Blockage of estrogen receptor sites
    Release of antidiuretic hormone
  19. A pt is beginning therapy with a combined oral contraceptive. The nurse would instruct the patient to take the first pill on which of the following days?
    -First day of menstrual bleeding
    -fifth day of the cycle
    -Fourteenth day of the usual cycle
    -First day of the next month
    Fifth day of the menstrual cycle
  20. A pt who is taking oral contraceptives develops an URI for which tetracycline is ordered. Which instruction would be most important for the nurse to include?
    -Taking tetracycline 2 hours after taking the oral contraceptive
    -Using an alternative means of contraceptive while taking tetracycline
    -Reducing the oral contraceptive to every other day
    -Monitor for increased adverse effects of the oral contraceptive
    Using an alternative means of contraception while taking tetracycline
  21. A pt is receiving estrogen therapy. Which of the following would the nurse instruct the patient to report immediately?
    -Adbominal bloating
    -Weight gain
  22. Which of the following owuld a nurse identify as a gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist?
    -Chorionic gonadotropin
    -Follitropin alfa
  23. A pt is to reveive lutropin alfa. The nurse would expect to administer this agent by which route?
  24. A pt is to receive dinoprostone at 4pm, when should the patient experience uterine contractions?
    4:15 pm
  25. A pt who has come into the emergency department after being raped and is given a dose of emergency contraception at 12 am, the nurse would instruct the pt to take another dose of the drug at which time?
    12 PM
  26. Movement of substances from the renal tubule back into the vascular system
  27. Catalyst that speeds up the reaction combining water and Carbon dioxide
    Carbonic anhydrase
  28. Hormone produced by the adrenal gland
  29. Functional unit of the kidney
  30. Active movement of substances from the blood into the renal tubule
  31. Hormone produced by the hypothalamus
    Antidiuretic hormone
  32. Passage of fluid and small components through the glomerulus into the tubule
  33. The amount of fluid excreted as urine each day averages approx less than how many liters?
  34. Where are sodium ions actively reabsorbed?
    Proximal convoluted tubule
  35. Which of the following owuld lead to a release of aldosterone?
    -Low potassium levels
    -parasympathetic stimulation
    -Angioensin III
    -Natriuretic hormone
    Angiotensin III
  36. Which of the following is released in response to a decrease in blood flow to the nephron?
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