NIS #1-8 Spanish Phrases

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NIS #1-8 Spanish Phrases
2014-05-07 18:55:06
Spanish Phrases
Spanish Phrases NIS
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  1. I am going to dinner tonight with friends
    Voya cenar este noche con mis amigos
  2. I have to take Dani to school tomorrow morning
    Tengo que llevar a Dani a la escuela manana
  3. How is Madrid? (what is Madrid like)
    Como es Madrid?
  4. What is the difference between Conocer and Saber
    Cual es la differencia entre Conocer and Saber
  5. It usually rains a lot in San Francisco during the winter
    En San Francisco suele llover mucho durante el invierno
  6. I typically cook Dinner
    Suelo cocinar la cena
  7. Let's go for a walk with Dani and Bugs
    Vamos a dar un paseo con Dani y Bugs
  8. Is is incredibly hot today
    Hace un calor que no veas
  9. I went for a walk with bugs
    di un paseo con Bugs
  10. I find it difficult to practice Spanish conversation
    • Me cuesta practicar conversacion de espanol
    • Me Cuesta +_ infinitive
  11. We find it difficult to order in the restaurants
    Nos cuesta pedir en los restaurantes
  12. I feel very lazy today
    Tengo mucha pereza hoy
  13. We feel like going out for dinner tonight
    Nos apetece salir para cenar este noche
  14. I don't feel like cooking dinner tonight
    No me apetece cocinar la cena este noche
  15. How often do you travel in Europe?
    Cada cuanto tiempo viajas en Europa?
  16. How often do you(all) go out to eat?
    Cada cuanto tiempo salis a comer
  17. We eat vegetable very often
    Comemos las verduras a muy menudo
  18. I do not agree with you
    No estoy de acuerdo contigo
  19. You are right
    Tienes razon

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