PCT 6-10

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  1. Amid (preposition
    in the middle of
  2. Axles (noun)
    spindles or shafts on which wheels rotate; found on wagons, cars etc.
  3. Barge (noun)
    a flat bottomed boat used for transporting freight or passengers; a synonym is a lighter
  4. Bidder (noun)
    a person who makes an offer of a price at an auction to secure something
  5. Blurted (verb)
    spoken suddenly or impulsively
  6. Chugged (verb)
    labored or worked hard causing a sound, as in the engine chugged
  7. Haggard (adjective)
    tired, drained, as in a exhausted apperance
  8. Hovel (noun)
    a dirty, miserable place
  9. Immigrants (noun)
    people who come into another country to live
  10. Jostled (verb)
    bumped, pushed
  11. Marveled (verb)
    to be fascinated with or amazed by something having a feeling of wonder (WOW!)
  12. Nourished (adjective)
    filled with food
  13. Pier (noun)
    a dock or quay ("key")
  14. Plight (noun)
    a distressed or unfortunate condition or state
  15. Sobbed (verb)
    crying with convulsive catching of breath or crying uncontrollably
  16. Solemnly (adverb)
    seriously, gravely, humorlessly
  17. Somber (adjective)
    extremely serious, unsmiling; melancholy
  18. Vacant (adjective)
    not occupied or inhabited, as in a house
  19. Voyage (noun)
    a journey via water
  20. Wring (verb)
    to twist and press in order to force out liquid
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