Conjunctions English

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  1. Coordinating Conjunctions:
    • and               nor
    • but                for
    • or                 yet
  2. Coordinating Conjunction Pairs:
    • either-or          
    • neither-nor
    • both-and
    • not only-but also
  3. Conjunction:
    a word that joins words or groups of words.
  4. Subordinating Conjunctions are used to introduce?
    adverb dependent clauses
  5. Subordinating Conjunctions:
    • after              as soon as     if
    • although        because         than
    • as                  before           though
    • as if               in order that  unless
    • as much as     since             until
    • a long as        so that           when
    • whenever       where           wherever         while
  6. Do not use the conjunction and after what two words?
    • try
    • sure
  7. compound prepositions
    • according to        instead of
    • as for                  on account of
    • because of           out of
    • by way of            regardless of
    • except for            with regard to
    • in front of            in spite of
  8. A word that shows how a noun or a pronoun in related to some other word in the sentence?
  9. An exclamatory word that is not related to the other words in the sentence?
  10. What introduces an adverb clause?
    subordinating conjunction
  11. A word that joins words or groups of words?
  12. A word formed from a verb and used as an adjective?
  13. A word for which a pronoun stands.
  14. What case pronoun functions as subjects or predicate nominatives?
    Nominative case pronouns
  15. What case pronoun shows ownership or relationship?
    possessive case pronouns
  16. A group of words that contains both a subject and a verb.  It is used as a part of a sentence.
  17. A group of related words used as a single part of speech and has not subject or verb.
  18. The questions an adverb answers an words that are always adverbs?
    Where, When, How often, to what extent?

    not, never, n't, -ly
  19. Independent clauses can be joined by what two things?
    • 1. comma & a coordinating conjunction
    • 2. semicolon
  20. Name the clause that has a subject and verb but does not express a complete thought?
    dependent clause
  21. Name the clause that does express a complete thought.
    independent clause
  22. Define CD: Compound Sentence
    contains two or more independent clauses but has no dependent clauses
  23. Define S: Simple Sentence
    one independent clause and no dependent clause (contains only one subject and verb combination)
  24. Define CX: Complex sentence
    has one independent clause and one or more dependent clauses
  25. CD-CX: Compound-Complex sentence
    Has two or ore independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses
  26. Relatives begin what type of dependent clauses?
    adjective dependent clauses
  27. adverb clause:
    dependent clause used to modify a verb, adjective or and adverb
  28. adjective clause:
    dependent clause used to modify a noun or pronoun
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