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  1. Structure:

    Some _ and some __
    • Some small with undivided leaves
    • Some tree ferns are super large
  2. Structure

    The __ of some produces a __ which withers and the __ arise from the __ near the bases of the leaves
    • fern embryo
    • true root
    • rest of the roots arise from the rhizomes
  3. Structure

    Leaves= __ (large leaves)

    Fronds can be __ that are attached to the __
    Young leaves are coiled= __
    Both __ and __ are usually clothed with either __ or __
    The leaves of Marsilea resemble those of a __
    Drought resistant, bean-shaped reproductive structures called sporocarps germinate when placed in water
    • fronds are megaphylls
    • compounded into pinnae
    • petioles
    • fiddleheads
    • fiddleheads and rhizomes
    • heads or scales
    • four-leaf clover
  4. Location
    tropics and temperate
  5. Structure of gametophytes:

    Some gametophytes are __ with __; others have __
    The gametophytes are __

    The gametophyte typically develops rapidly into a __ usually __ that has __ on the lower surface
    Both anth and arch develop on the lower surface of the prothallus
    Antheridia more common among __; archegonia formed near __

    • subterranean, tuberous elongated with numerous rhizoids
    • vascular tissue
    • bisexual, bearing both antheridia and archegonia

    • flat, heart-shaped,
    • membranous structure (prothallus
    • numerous rhizoids
    • rhizoids
    • notch
  6. Structure of sporophyte:

    Sporangia commonly occur in clusters called __, which are __ 

    The sori are covered by __

    Spores give rise to __

    Sporophyte has a __
    Sporophyte is the __ in ferms and the gametophyte is __
    • sori
    • colored dots or lines on the lower surface of the frond
    • specialized outgrowths of the leaf, the indusial
    • free-living, potentially bisexual gametophytes
    • foot embedded in gametophyte
    • perennial stage
    • short-lived

    contain an annulus

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