CHP 11 Microbial Growth

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  1. Bacteriostatic
    Prevents growth but doesn't kill
  2. Bactericidal
    kills bacteria but not their endospores
  3. Sporicides
    Kill endospores
  4. Fungicide
    Kill fungi both vegetative and endospores
  5. Virucide
    kills viruses
  6. Asepsis
    prevent entry of micros into sterile tissues
  7. Aseptic
    chemicals applied to body surfaces to destroy vegetative pathogens
  8. Decontamination
    Removal of microbes
  9. Sepsis/Antisepsis
    Growth of micro in tissues
  10. Sterilization
    Complete removal, and kills
  11. Disinfection
    Removes but not endospores
  12. Sanitization
  13. Degerming
    Just washing off/removing but not killing
  14. What are the targets of antimicrobial agent and how cell death is caused?
    Damage to cell membrane, cell wall(inhibition of connection of protein cross links), inhibition of protein synthesis, protein function
  15. What are 4 different physical methods of microbial growth?
    Moist heat(autoclaving), dry heat(dry oven), Radiation(ionizing and nonionizing)
  16. Difference between dry heat and moist heat
    Dry heat-takes longer to kill

    Moist heat-is more penetrating and effective, faster
  17. 2 ways disinfectants work
    • Dilution test-
    • Disk diffusion
  18. What are the targets of disinfectants
  19. 5/10 classes of chemical agents used to control microbial growth
    Halogens, acid & bases, surfacants, heavy metals, alcohol
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