Ch. 8 Psychosocial Development stages

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  1. What was the first life-span theory and who created it?
    Psychosocial development was the first life-span theory that was created by Erik Erickson
  2. What is the nature of crisis?
    most prominent time a crisis/task is likely to happen (period of most vulnerability)
  3. What are outcomes?
    opposing possible results of psychosocial development. Can be healthy (favorable/productive/adaptability) or unhealthy (unfavorable/unproductive/destructive) outcomes
  4. How are the psychosocial development stages ordered?
    they are ordered in a matrix format (builds as you go)
  5. What is the first stage in psychosocial development?
    basic trust vs. mistrust during early infancy
  6. What is the second stage in psychosocial development?
    autonomy vs. shame doubt while a toddler
  7. What is the third stage in psychosocial development?
    initiative vs. guilt during early childhood
  8. What is the fourth stage in psychosocial development?
    industry vs. inferiority during middle childhood
  9. What is the fifth stage in psychosocial development?
    identity vs. role confusion (do I know who I am? what my future work will be?) strength in identity
  10. What is the sixth stage in psychosocial development?
    intimacy vs. isolation (pursuit of romantic relationship vs. remaining alone without pursuit of a close relationship) strength is mature love(trust and vulnerability)
  11. What does a strong identity lead to?
    great relationships (mutually satisfying, close relationships)
  12. What does a weak identity lead to?
    shallow relationships
  13. What is the seventh stage in psychosocial development?
    generativity(productive/procreating) vs. stagnation(its all about yourself/self-absorbed) (longest stage in adult life) strength is care(taking care of others & society)
  14. What is the eighth stage in psychosocial development?
    ego integrity (integrating parts of life and conducting life review/contemplating on positive and negative moments in life with balance/approaching life with gratefulness and gratitude) vs. despaire (life review full of regrets and blame others for the regrets/pessimistic/fear death and fight it coming) strength is wisdom
  15. What is fidelity?
    loyalty in a relationship to your ideals and beliefs
  16. What is the difference between intimacy and negative intimacy?
    intimacy involves cooperation (meeting each others needs) where as negative intimacy involves competition (not meeting needs of others)
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