CHP 12 Antimicrobial drugs

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  1. What are 5 ways that antimicrobial drugs can kill microbes
    Breakdown membrane, inhibt protein finction, inhibt protein synthesis, block metabolic pathways, inhibit replication
  2. What are things to consider when giving nan antibiotic?
    how long it lasts in body/blood, allergies
  3. Ways to determine strain of bacteria, resistant to antibiotics
    Inducement of alternate enzymes, decreased permeability, drug transport pumps that remove drug, decreased binding sites
  4. Why is it easier to find new drugs to fight bacteria than to fight fungi, protozoans or viruses?
    Bacteria is easier to treat, kill
  5. Where do antibiotics come from? Difference between antibiotics and synthetic drugs?
    • Antibiotics from natural environment and infections.
    • ANtibiotic-natural organic.
    • Synthetic made from lab, artificial
  6. What are the best drug targets for each of the following: bacteria, fungi, protozoans, viruses?
  7. What are ways that antibiotics inhibt protein synthesis in bacteria?
    Inhibit tRNA binding, inhibit enzyme cross links, blocks RNA synthesis, inhibit functions, amino acids are attacked, slow growth, low therapeutic index
  8. Why do we continually develop new generations of drugs, how are these new drugs differed from previous?
    New discoveries, infections & diseases up to date. Differed because some infections like HIV can be controlled and treated. People live longer.
  9. What are the drug targets and viruses and how do they work?
    • Inhibit virus entry or release inhibit insertion,  assembly, & release
    • inhibit nucleic acid synthesis
    • effect metabolic pathway
  10. What are ways bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotics?
    If a person stops taking antibiotic or only takes half of antibiotic, bacteria grows

    If one takes it like a drug consistently when not needed, antibiotic not effective when needed later
  11. Using 1 drug more effective than 2 when treating disease, why?
    • Overdose with 2 drugs?
    • Increased pressure, 2 attack more than one target at one time/damaging to body
  12. How is drug resistance started and spread among microbes?
    • Causes are evolution, transformation(DNA from bacteria)
    • spontaneous mutation
    • Spread through transformation
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