Chapter 19 Art

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  1. Jan Van Eyck
    • Self portrait (Man in a Red Turban) 1433. Double portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini 1434.
    • "As I can but not as I would"
  2. Claus Sluter
    Well of Moses, Detail of David and Moses. Dijon, France 1395-1406
  3. Pom L'eiol
    trick of the eye, illusion
  4. The Horizon Line
    The small size of trees and buildings in relation to people.
  5. Paul, Herman, and Jean Limbourg
    Febuary: Life in the Country January: Life in the Country 1411-1416
  6. The Mary of Burgundy Painter
    known for painting a book of hours 1457-1482
  7. Unicorn is Found at the Fountain
    From the hunt of the unicorn tapestry series (1495-1505). Took 5-6 men to weave it. 12x12 ft.
  8. Cope of the Order of the Golden Fleece
    Worn by the knights of the order
  9. The Master of Flemalle
    Artist of the Merode Altarpiece of the Annunciation in 1425-1430s (Contemporary Flemish Painting setting)
  10. Ghent Altarpiece
    • Painted by Jan and Hubert VanĀ 
    • Eyck. Completed in 1432. Done with oil and panel. Inside is the 2nd coming of Christ.
  11. Roger Van Der Weyden
    Deposition 1435-1438. St. Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child. The face of St. Luke is a self portrait. Flemish city in background 1435-1440.
  12. Hugo van der Goes
    Portinari Altarpiece made with oil and tempura. Triptych piece w/ St. Thomas from 1474-1476
  13. Jean Fouquet
    Leading court artist in France. Famous for "Etienne Chevalier and St. Stephen, Virgin and Child", in 1452-1455 (virgin based off of King Henry's ex)
  14. Church of Saint-Maclou
    Example of Flamboyant architecture. Normandy, France 1432-1521. Decorated with crockets. By Pierre Robin
  15. The Temptations of St. Anthony
    Black and white engraving by Martin Schonauger in 1470-1480
  16. The Nuremburg Chronicle
    1493 Woodcut within a book. First to be printed.
  17. Filippo Brunelleschi
    Fixed the dome of the Florence Cathedral in 1420-1436.
  18. Ospedale Degli Innocenti
    Created by Brunelleschi. It was a orphanage and hospital. Built by silk and goldsmith guild (richest). Mathematically proportionate. Corinthian styled columns. Contains "Infants in Swaddling Clothes".
  19. Medici Church of San Lorenzo
    1421-1428 Mathematically Proportionate. Based on a swuare module. Roof needed to be taller because columns were extended.
  20. Palazzo Medici Riccardi
    Brune. plan was rejected because it was too grand built in 1446 by Michelozzo di Bartolomeo
  21. Sacrifice of Isaac
    Filippo Brunelleschi. Competition for which bronze work was better btw Ghiberti. 1401-1402.
  22. The Oransmichele
    Most important building known for sculpture.
  23. The Four Crowned Martyrs
    By Nanni Di Banco. About Romans who refused to make a idol and were martyred. 1409-1417
  24. St. George
    By. Donatello made 1417-1420. Sword and armor guild chose St. George as patron
  25. David
    Donatello created it 14461460. Very feminine.
  26. Equestrian Statue
    By Donatello made in 1443-1453
  27. Jacob and Esau
    Panel engraved by ghiberti 1435
  28. Della Pithura
    Written by Alberti
  29. St. John the Evangelist
    By Massachio 1425-1427 vanishing point is on the floor
  30. Expulsion of Adam and Eve
    Massachio. in the Branacci chapel. 1427
  31. The Tribute Money
    Massachio. 1427 landscape painted according to linear perspective.
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