Ch. 8 Environmental influences on Personality traits

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  1. What are person-environment transactions?
    serve to maintain personality trait consistency; confirm one's self-concept
  2. What are reactive transactions?
    ways of interpreting an experience (thinking either your hot or something is wrong with you) how you react to a situation
  3. What are evocative transactions?
    a person's behavior that elicits reactions from others (being active invites attention from others, lonesome or awkward actions scare people away)
  4. What are proactive transactions?
    selecting environments and roles (choosing to be in a classroom as a professor for active and social people, being a researcher doing lab work for antisocial people)
  5. What are manipulative transactions?
    changing current environment by changing people (recruiting people to follow your interests)
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Ch. 8 Environmental influences on Personality traits
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