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  1. 1 uninhibited
    EX: It makes you wonder how such an uninhibited performer can be so shy about showing off her new stuff.
    2 inhibited
    EX: Men are more inhibited about touching each other than women.
    • 1 not embarrassed about showing or saying how you feel
    • раскованный
    • 2 too embarrassed or not confident enough to do something
  2. indispensable (to life)
    EX: International cooperation is indispensable to resolving the problem of the drug trade.
    • difficult or impossible to exist without or to do something without
    • (жизненно) необходимый
  3. perspicacious (wit, stare)
    • able to judge quickly and correctly what people and situations are really like
    • проницательный (ум, взгляд)
  4. to eradicate
    to eradicate sth from sth
    EX: Inflation will never be completely eradicated from the economy.
    to get rid of something completely, especially something bad
  5. lavish (adj)
    be lavish with sth (his praise)
    • something that is lavish exists, is spent, or is given in a very large amount, especially if it costs a lot of money
    • generous
  6. an oversight
    EX: Employees were paid late due to an oversight in the accounting department.
    • (count) something that you do not notice or think of that causes problems later
    • an omission or mistake, недосмотр, оплошность, упущение
  7. chicanery
    verbal trickery; the use of clever, unfair, or dishonest methods to trick people, especially in legal matters
  8. diligent (adj)
    someone who is diligent works very hard and very carefully
  9. splinter
    to get/ have/ extract/ remove  a S in / out of one's finger
    • щепка
    • заноза
  10. to moult (Am - molt)
    to shed (feathers, hair (for a cat), skin, or cuticle)
    • if an animal or bird moults, it loses its outer layer of skin, fur, feathers etc so that a new layer can replace it
    • линять, сбрасывать и т.д.
  11. to swerve
    a swerve
    • to turn or cause to turn aside, usually sharply or suddenly, from a course
    • (transitive) to avoid (a person or event)
    • отклоняться от пути, отклонение
  12. distaste (N)
    EX: She looked with distaste at the man's clothes.
    repugnance (much stronger)
    • a feeling of dislike for someone or something that you do not approve of
    • a strong feeling of disliking someone or something that you think is extremely unpleasant or offensive
  13. superficial
    EX: He writes about living in a greedy and superficial society.
    We talked about superficial topics like sport and the weather.
    • a superficial person does not think about serious or important things
    • not important or not having a serious effect
  14. to drone on
    a drone
    • to utter (words) in a monotonous tone, esp to talk without stopping
    • a monotonous low dull sound
  15. ostentation
    • pretentious, showy, or vulgar display
    • показуха, хвастовство
  16. arboreal
    • of, relating to, or resembling a tree
    • living in or among trees
    • древесный, похожий на дерево
  17. process of elimination
    метод исключения
  18. to retract
    EX: The President's political adviser later retracted this statement.
    to say that something that you previously said or wrote is not true
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