Types of Law

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  1. Adjudicate
    The process of hearing and deciding a case
  2. Adversarial System
    The trial process in the common law system, where the parties attempt to present their case in the best light possible, and to destroy the case of the opposite party.
  3. Domestic and International Law
    The positive law of a nation state. International law is concerned with the law that governs relations between nations and between individuals in an international context.
  4. Positive Law
    The law of nation states that controls and regulates social interaction.
  5. Private and Public Law
    Private law concerns legal relationships between private persons; Public law concerns legal relationships between private persons and the state.
  6. Probative Value
    The extent to which specific evidence proves a fact alleged by the party presenting it. Evidence of high probative value is evidence that strongly supports a party's case.
  7. Procedural and Substantive Law
    Procedural law concerns rules and procedures under which a legal system operates, substantive law is concerned with legal rights and remedies.
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