Criminal Law

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  1. Abet
    To encourage, incite, or set another on to commit a crime.
  2. Absolute Liability Offense
    A type of offence where the Crown could obtain a conviction by simply proving that the accused committed the prohibited act.
  3. Accessory After the Fact
    Someone who assists or protects another after the other person has committed a crime.
  4. Actus Reus
    This is a Latin term that means "a guilty act". The Actus Reus, a long with mens rea, is one of the two essential elements of a crime.
  5. Aid
    To help, assist, or facilitate the commission of a crime.
  6. Attempt
    Any act done with intent to commit a criminal offence.
  7. Automatism
    An unconscious, involuntary act where the mind does not go with what is being done.
  8. Colour of Right
    The genuine appearance or presumption that there is an existing legal right when in fact no such right exists.
  9. Conspiracy
    An agreement between two or more people to carry out a crime.
  10. Decriminalize
    The act of removing a particular offence from criminal liability while not making the actions legal. Actions that were once regarded as criminal offences remain offences but no longer attract a criminal record.
  11. Mens Rea
    This is a Latin term that means "a guilty mind". Mens rea, along with actus reus, is one of the two essential elements of a crime.
  12. Recklessness
    A state of mind that pays no regard to the possible injurious consequences of an act.
  13. Strict Liability Offence
    An offence for which the Crown need only to prove that the accused committed the actions required to complete the offence. There is no need to prove the intention or mens rea of the offence, but the accused may raise the defence of due diligence, meaning that the accused took all due care to try to prevent the commission of the offence.
  14. Wilful Blindness
    A conscious closing of one's mind to the consequences of one's acts.
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