Government- Chapter 7

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  1. Congress has power to choose election times (First Tuesday of November following the First Monday is when the presidential elections are held
    Election Laws
  2. Lists numerous offices, candidates, and ballots
    "Bed Sheet" Ballot
  3. Thomas Edison created the 1st one of these for use in the 1892 election
    Voting Machines
  4. Lists each party's candidates under that party's name (encourages straight ticket voting)
    Party-Column Ballot
  5. Printed at public expense
    Lists names of all candidates in an election
    Only given out at polls
    Marked in Secret
    Australian Ballot
  6. Candidates for an office are grouped together under the title of that office (encourages split ticket voting)
    Office-Group Ballot
  7. The place where voters who live in a certain precinct go to vote
    polling place
  8. Occurs when a strong candidate running for office at the top of the ballot helps attract voters to other candidates on the party's ticket
    Coattail effect
  9. When a candidate for some major office is less than popular with many voters
    Reverse Coattail Effect
  10. Oldest form of nomination, a person simply announces that they are running for office
  11. Used for nominating candidates for office
  12. As a nominating device, a group of like-minded people who meet to select the candidates they will support in an upcoming election
  13. Took place of caucus, place where people go to nominate candidates
  14. Held within a party to choose candidates
    Direct Primaries
  15. Make a public party choice but anyone can vote
    Open Primary
  16. Only registered/declared party members can vote
    Closed Primary
  17. In an election, the number of votes that the leading candidate obtains over the next highest candidate
  18. Elections in which candidates are not identified by party labels
    Nonpartisan Primaries
  19. There are 5 main ways in which nominations can be made in the United States. Name and describe each of these ways. (Essay #1)
    • 1. Self Announcement
    • 2. The Caucus
    • 3. The Convention
    • 4. Petition
    • 5. The Direct Primary
  20. What primary is more popular (open or closed)? Which does Ohio use? (Essay #2)
    Open is becoming more popular because more states favor the open versus the closed primaries. Ohio however still uses closed which means that unaffiliated voters are not permitted to vote.
  21. Give an election in which the coattail and reverse coattail occurred. (Essay #3)
    Reverse Coattail- George H.W. Bush election because he was republican and the majority of Congress voted in was Democratic.

    Coattail- 2008 election for president obama, the House was more than half part of the democratic party
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