Day 17

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  1. absolute
    adj. unqualified, complete, utter    완벽한
  2. adapted
    adj. modified, altered               개조된
  3. chamber
    n. compartment               (작은) 방

    Five of the allegedly watertight chambers of the Titanic were pierced by an iceberg, causing the ship to sink.
  4. compact
    v. 1. compress                    압축하다

    Paper is made by compacting pulp firmly

    adj. 2. dense, thick, compressed    조밀한, 밀집한

    The gardener dug a hole in the compact soil.
  5. complacency
    n. satisfaction                       만족, 안주

    Graduating from collage and immediately finding a job gave Siobhan a sense of complacency.
  6. compulsory
    adj. obligatory, forced, necessary, compelled  강제적인, 의무적인

    In Britain, education is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16.
  7. concomitant
    adj. concurrent, simultaneous, synchronous  동시에 일어나는, 수반되는

    Mr. Backer's sudden bankruptcy, and the concomitant stress it produced, plunged his whole family into despair.
  8. condense
    v. concentrate, compress         압축(응축)하다

    The gaseous metal is condensed by cold into a liquid.
  9. conform
    v. comply, follow                   집단의 다른 구성원들과 행동[생각]을 같이 하다;(관습 등에) 순응하다, 따르다

    Hoover conformed to the mainstream of progressive social thought.
  10. consistent
    adj. compatible, harmonious, coherent   모순이 없는, 일관된
  11. constrain
    v. bind, inhibit, restrain     억제하다,…하게 만들다[강요하다], 제한

    The country's economic growth was constrained by a high level of inflation.
  12. Contagious
    adj. infectious, communicable    전염성 있는
  13. counterpart
    n. complement, equivalent, parallel  (동등한 자격의) 대응물
  14. debris
    n. dregs, wreckage, remains   (무엇이 파괴된 후의)잔해

    The shipwreck left debris floating near the shore, which was picked up by local beachcombers as it drifted to the coast.
  15. decisive
    adj. definite, definitive, conclusive  결정적인

    A decisive victory for the North, the Battle of Gettysburg led to the end of the Civil War.
  16. disdain
    v. despise, scorn            업신여김, 무시, 경멸하다

    Winston worships strength and disdains weakness.
  17. element
    n. component, part, feature, constituent 구성, 요소
  18. erratic
    adj. irregular, inconsistent 불규칙적인, 변덕스러운

    The doctor was concerned because Mr. Ascot's heartbeat was erratic and unstable.
  19. exhaust (2)
    v. 1. use up, deplete, run out of, expend, consume 다 써버리다

    v. 2. tire, weary, fatigue      지치게 하다
  20. expand
    v. increase, bloat, swell         확장하다
  21. flattering
    adj. complimentary           아부하다
  22. full-blown
    adj. complete, matured          성숙한,…의 모든 특성을 갖춘, 완전히 발달한

    Everyone was surprised at Marie's full-blown musical talent.
  23. henceforth
    adv. from now on, forward        앞으로, 차후

    The court ruled that the man is henceforth only allowed to buy the chassis from the car dealer.
  24. inadvertently
    adv. unintentionally, accidentally   뜻하지 않게, 우연히

    Grace inadvertently deleted the files by clicking the wrong button.
  25. intricate
    adj. complex, complicated, elaborate  복잡한

    Not many students understand the intricate functioning of the cyber university.
  26. mammoth
    adj. huge, gigantic, colossal, large   거대한

    The government limited foreign ownership of the mammoth electric company.
  27. merely
    adv. simply, just, purely             단지
  28. ordinary
    adj. unexeptional, mundane, routine  보통의, 평범한
  29. plain
    adj. 1. clear, distinct, obvious        분명한

    ajd. 2. unadorned, undecorated, simple  꾸밈없는, 간소한
  30. popular
    adj. widespread, common, current      대중적인
  31. reconcile
    v. conciliate, settle, resolve    화해시키다, 조정하다
  32. reexamine
    v. review, reassess         재검토하다
  33. requirement
    n. stipulation, condition, provision 조건, 조항
  34. revolutionize
    v. completely change    ~에 혁명을 일으키다

    The invention of the light bulb revolutionized world civilization.
  35. rival
    n. 1. competitor, antagonist, opponenet  경쟁자

    v. 2. compete with           경쟁하다
  36. shovel
    v. excavate, dig, scoop        (삽으로) 파다
  37. succinct
    adj. concise, brief, terse      간결한, 간단명료한

    The general offered a succinct summation of the situation.
  38. tie
    n. relationship, bond, connection   관계
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