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  1. What is the purpose of the equipment tag-out procedures?
    Provides units with a standardized equipment tag-out procedure as required by COMDTINST M9000.6
  2. The use of tag is temporary and not a substitue for what?
    Chaining, locking valves, removing fuses, or racking out circuit breakers.
  3. Tags should never be used for what?
    valve identification, marking leaks, or any purpose not specified in the tag-out procedure manual
  4. Out-of-Calibration tag is what color?
  5. Out-of-commission tag is what color?
  6. Which tag provides a special set of instructions and you must get permission from the EOW before use.
    Caution Tag
  7. Which tag prevents any and all use of equipment under all circumstances?
    Danger Tag
  8. Which label identifys equipment that may not give proper indications due to being out of tollerance.
    Out-Of-Calibration Label
  9. Which label identifys equipment not in use because of being defective or issolated from the system?
    Out-Of-Commission Label
  10. How many tag-out logs are required for WHEC, WMEC, and WAGB cutter classes?
    Two to be maintained by operations and engineering departments.
  11. A copy of what should be placed in the front of the tag-out log?
    A copy of the AUTHORIZED OFFICERS letter(s)
  12. Who is ultimately responsible for the safety of all maintenance personnel and for the protection of the cutters equipment?
    Commanding Officer
  13. After a tag is placed what must a second person do?
    Verify that the system or equipment is in the position or condition indicated by the tag and that the tag is properly placed.
  14. No tags shall be cleared without approval from who?
    Authorizing Officer
  15. Checks and Audits of all tag-outs are required how often, and by who?
    Once every two weeks by the cognizant department head.
  16. Who should perform a spot check of installed tags?
    Authorizing Officer's
  17. The tag number shall start on what date of each year? And what number will they start at?
    01 October(E/O)-001
  18. Who is responsible for ensuring a daily inventory of all department PMS tags by serial number?
    The Department Head
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Equipment Tag Out Procedures

Equipment Tag-Out Procedures
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