Ch. 10 Resistance Resources-Coping

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  1. What is coping?
    encompasses all the things you might think, feel, and do in response to stressful events
  2. What is problem-focused coping?
    directly addressing stressor/issue (problem seems like you have some control over how it turns out) example: studying, going to class, and taking good notes to directly address finals
  3. What is emotion-focused coping?
    trying to manage emotions/feelings about our stressors/issues (example: substance use, wishful thinking, denial, humor, exercise, venting to counteract panic, anxiety, fear of finals) venting alone is emotion focused
  4. What is social coping?
    seeking help from others (instrumental/hands on help and emotional support/expressing yourself to someone) venting with someone is social coping
  5. What is meaning-focused coping?
    reframing understanding of the stressful situation (acceptance)
  6. What is religious coping?
    • using religious or spiritual beliefs to reduce stress (pray, go to church)
    • can be positive (god will take care of me, higher purpose in suffering)
    • or negative (god has abandoned me, all alone)
  7. What is coping flexibility?
    being able to use a variety of the coping skills
  8. What is goodness of fit?
    making a good match with the coping skills
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