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  1. Leadership
    Influence other people to do what you want or achieve a goal
  2. Sanctioned Leadership
    Leader with formal position CEO - Steve Jobs, Barack Obama
  3. Non-Sanctioned Leadership
    leader with no formal position Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela
  4. What can trait theories tell us about leadership
    Provides basis of selecting the right person for leadership

    Assumes leaders are born

    Characteristics differentiate leaders from non-leaders
  5. Big 5 most effective for leadership
    • Openness
    • Conscientiousness - leader competence
    • Extraversion - leader emergence
    • Agreeableness
    • Neuroticism Emotion Stability
  6. Emotional Intelligence
    Allows leaders to emerge

    • M - motivation
    • E - empathy
    • S - self awareness
    • S - self regulation
    • S - social skill
  7. Bevarioral Theories
    • Ohio State
    • U of M
  8. Ohio State
    • initiating structures
    • consideration structure
  9. U of M dimensions
    • production oriented
    • employee oriented
  10. GMA (general mental ability)
    Different from I.Q.

    Important among leaders

    Perceived GMA has stronger impact on leadership effectiveness than actual GMA
  11. Situational variables
    different behavioral styles required for different circumstances
  12. Home Depot initiating structure
    Bob Nardelli
  13. Path-Goal Theory
    Leader assists followers in attaining goals and ensures goals are compatible with overall objectives
  14. Leader Member Exchange Theory (LMX)
    Leaders interact with some employees more than others

    In/Out groups
  15. Fedler Leadership Model
    Proper match of leader’s style of interacting with subordinates
  16. Transactional leadership
    • behavioral
    • Fielder, Path-Goal
    • Management by exception
    • Laissez-faire
    • Contingent rewards
  17. Transformational leadership
    • a visionary that changes the world
    • OH MI
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