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  1. what must a nurse apply when giving medication?
    Nurses must apply their knowledge about the client and the medication when assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating the process.
  2. What are the four standard statements when giving meds?
    just remember

    • 1. Assessment
    • 2. Planning
    • 3. Implementation
    • 4. Evaluation
  3. Who falls under the authorizing mechanisms?
    • The nurse meets the standard by: a) accepting authorizing mechanisms6 only from prescribers with ordering authority
    • (Ex. Physicians, NPs, dentists, chiropodists and midwives);
  4. A complete order includes what 8 factors?
    • 1. Order date,
    • 2. Client full name,
    • 3. Medication name,
    • 4. Dose in units,
    • 5. Route,
    • 6. Frequency  (e.g. prn)
    • 7. Prescribers name, signature, designation
    • 8. purpose
  5. Assesing also includes?
    • assessing the appropriateness of the prescribed medication for the client by considering the:
    • ◗client’s age, weight, pathophysiology, laboratory results, vital signs, medication knowledge, and choice or preference,
  6. In the Planning stage a nurse is responsible for:
    • 1. Transcribing medication orders as written
    • 2. Scheduling dosing times for a medication, taking into consideration the effect of food intake on medication absorption, contraindications, required interventions before, during and after administration
    • 3. Communicating orders with individuals within the circle of care (for example, the health care team or client or, with consent, the family)
  7. 3.  In the implementation stage a nurse:
    Nurses prepare and administer medication(s) to clients in a safe, effective and ethical manner.
  8. When administering medication
    • the right client,
    • ◗ the right medication,
    • ◗ the right reason,
    • ◗ the right dose,
    • ◗ the right frequency,
    • ◗ the right route,
    • ◗ the right site, and
    • ◗ the right time
  9. in the implementation stage a nurse should also?
    document, during and/or after medication administration, in the client’s record according to documentation standards.
  10. In the EVALUATION stage a nurse should?
    Nurses evaluate client outcomes following medication administration and take appropriate steps for follow-up
  11. when do you take a verbal order?
    only during emergencies
  12. Telephone orders should be?
    limited to situations requiring direction for client care when the prescriber is not present;
  13. Medication Dispensing is?
    A controlled act that authorizes a nurse to select, prepare, and transfer stock medication to a client or his or her representative for administration at a later time.
  14. Repackaging Drugs Already Dispensed:
    two key points
    • It is not a controlled act to repackage medication that has already been dispensed. When providing clients with their repackaged medications,
    • 1.  Nurses are accountable for ensuring that the medication has been repackaged safely.
    • 2.  Nurses are also accountable for ensuring that the label includes information clients need to administer their own medication safely.
  15. what is a Medication errors of commission
    Giving the wrong medication, wrong dose, wrong patient.

    Anything that went WRONG
  16. Errors of omission
    Not administering an ordered medication

    Meaning you omitted the order completely

    Patient DID NOT get his/her meds
  17. Nurses  _??????_  authorized to perform this controlled act
  18. Nurses can not _?????_ dispensing.
  19. When dispensing from home:

    If information provided by client different from that on dispensing label, nurses
    to exercise _???????_ regarding appropriateness
    nurses to exercise _JUDGEMENT_ regarding appropriateness
  20. Where can medication errors occur?
    • Decide to prescribe
    • Writing the prescription
    • Reading the prescription
    • Drawing up the drugs
    • Identifying the patient
    • Giving drugs

    Make sure you chk the meds at all the above listed points!
  21. What are some nurses responsibilities?
    • 1.  Asses the patient
    • 2. Notify the physician
    • 3  Determine time client to be monitiored
    • 4. Monitor client
    • 5. Report error via proper channels
    • 6. Document med errors
    • 7. Implement corrective CTION
  22. if a nurse decides a UCP can administer meds...
    Nurse is still accountable to ensure criteria is developed for the UCP and communicated  to the UCP.  Also nurse needs to define when the UCP needs to contact the nurse
  23. are the drugs the client property when it comes to community nursing?
    yes – Drugs are client’s property
  24. What can you do to promote safe medication practice?
    • 1.  Advocating for current medication information.
    • 2. have a colleague double chk on pre-pared medication.
    • 3. Having knowledge of HIGH ALERT medications. (for ex. chemotherapeutic agents)
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