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Professions Week14 Leadership Elisa GBC
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  1. Leadership Standard statement:
    • Each nurse shows leadership by
    • providing,
    • facilitating,
    • promoting the best possible care to the public.
  2. A nurse demonstrates the standard of Leadership by:
    • 1. Role modeling professional values
    • 2. Collaborating with clients and health care team.
    • 3. Advocating for clients, the workplace,
    • 4. Providing direction, sharing knowledge
    • 5. taking action to resolve conflicts
  3. Nurse leadership includes:
    provide leadership through informal and formal roles

    *take action to resolve conflict

    *advocate for clients, workplace and profession
  4. __??????_ aspects of care to others
    Delegates aspects of care to others
  5. What are the THREE classic leadership styles
    • 1.Autocratic:
    • 2.Democratic:
    • 3.Laissez-faire:
  6. Autocratic is a person who is?
    Tight, controlled, dictates, lack of participation, sole decision maker, domineering etc.
  7. What is Democratic?
    Consults the group, assistive, always a two way communication street, encouraging, objective, delegates authority
  8. What is Laissez-faire?
    Non-directive, permissive, lets the group do what they want, has a hands off approach. 

    The dissadvantage is that action items do not get done
  9. Bureaucratic:
    • Follows the rules and the policy of the agency
    • Adv:  Action items are done by the book
    • Dis Adv: no flexibility
  10. Situational:
    • Are task oriented
    • Vary their leadership style to meet the demands of the situation in the work environment
  11. Charismatic
    ppl have emotional relationships

    (ie. Opera)
  12. Transactional
    • Are relationships based on exchange of resources valued by followers.
    • (ie. if the manager as the employee to stay late.  the employee will in exchange for a day off or time in lieu)
  13. Transformational
    Empowers the group to share organization vision
  14. Shared
    Emerges in the relationship to the challenges that the group may face