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  1. How it got done:
    I copied the flashcards from IT2 Jones' deck on brainscape (shout out), put them, along with more, on here, then studied them for about 2 months. While studying, I continued to find information that got asked and added it to these decks. I passed my test and both boards studying these cards alone.
  2. So what now?
    I'm no longer going to be using these, so I'm not going to be updating them either. I will be onboard until December 2015, so shoot me an email if you want the txt files to upload as though they were your own, then you can update the names and such and keep the legacy moving. (Search for MM3(maybe 2 someday) Decker)
  3. Share!!!
    Share this information with others! This guy has an app for both iphones and androids. Share the love and get everyone qualified! EMI (or dinq hours for my reactor brethren) is completely useless and unnecessary, so help everyone stay off by sharing the information!
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Final words from someone that passed their final board on these cards alone!
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