Clinic Tools 6: (ch. 5 & 6)

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Clinic Tools 6: (ch. 5 & 6)
2014-05-04 22:25:57
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Veterinary Tech
Chapter 5: Instruments Used for Bovines Chapter 6: Instruments for Dehorning Animals
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  1. What is the Halter on the Left?
    • Rope Halter:
    • Control animal head while animal is in chute or while being led
  2. What is the Halter on the Right?
    • Fabric Show Halter:
    • To lead cattle in show
    • Whip:
    • to make livestock move and to make the handler look bigger
    • Cattle Prod:
    • to make livestock move into chutes or alleyways
    • CN: Hot Shot
    • Squeeze Chute:
    • to secure a cow or a bull in place while maintaining access to it's head, feat, and rear
    • Nose Lead:
    • to control bull the head of the bull by applying pressure to the nasal septum
    • CN: Nose Tongs, Bull Lead
    • Bull Ring:
    • to control bull the head of the bull by applying pressure to the nasal septum on a semipermanent basis
    • CN: Nose ring
    • Lariat with Quick-Release Honda:
    • To capture an animal by the neck or feet
    • CN: Lariat
    • Hip Lift:
    • To assist a cow to stand
    • Trocar and Cannula:
    • To release from the rumen gases that cause bloating
    • Magnets:
    • to collect and hold metal that haas been ingested by a cow as it eats. Helps prevent "Hardware Disease"
    • Horn Gouge: 
    • To remove horn buds or very small horns
    • Barnes Dehorner:
    • To remove small horns from calves, goats, and sheep
    • Keystone Dehorner (guillotine)
    • To remove medium-sized horns to large horns
    • Dehorning Saw:
    • To shorten long, large horns to the level of the head or to smooth a horn tat has been broken
    • Wire Saw with Handles:
    • To remove large horns
    • Electric Dehorner:
    • To remove horn buds by killing the cells that produce horns or to cauterize blood vessels after horn has been removed by the other methods

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