Isolation Procedures Related Terminology

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  1. Aerobe
    a microorganism that require oxygen to survive and multiply
  2. AIDS
    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  3. Anaerobic
    a microorganism that survives and multiplies in the absence of oxygen
  4. Antibacterial
    destroying or suppressing the growth of bacteria
  5. Antibiotic
    destructive of life
  6. Antimicrobial
    destroying or suppressing microorganisms
  7. Aseptic
    Free of microorganisms capable of causing infection or contamination
  8. Bacteria
    Microscopic single-celled organisms. Can be pathogenic or non-pathogenic
  9. Bacteriology
    the study and treatment of bacteria
  10. Blood Culture
    a bacteriological test performed on a blood sample to determine the presence of bacterial organisms in the blood
  11. Carrier
    a person who is able to spread to others a disease with which he is infected, but of which he usually has no symptoms
  12. Communicable
    pertaining to a disease whose causative agent is readily transferred from one person to another
  13. Endogenous
    originating or produced within the body
  14. Exogenous
    originating or produced outside the body
  15. Host
    an animal or plant which harbors or nourishes another organism
  16. Immune
    protected against disease
  17. Incubation
    holding cultures of microorganisms under conditions especially temperature, favorable to their growth
  18. Infection
    a pathological condition due to the growth of microorganisms in a host
  19. Inoculate
    the artificial introduction of microorganism into the body, or their introduction into culture medium
  20. Isolation
    confining a patient with an infectious disease to a designated area; or a patient with reduced or no immunity to infection, to a certain area
  21. Microbe
    a minute, living organism
  22. Microbiology
    the study of microscopic organisms
  23. Nosocomial
    a hospital acquired infection
  24. Occult Blood
    blood in such minute quantity, it can only be recognized by microscopic means
  25. Parasitology
    the study of parasites
  26. Pathogenic
    capable of producing disease
  27. Salmonella
    bacteria causing intestinal disease
  28. Sepsis
    the presence in the blood or other tissues of pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins
  29. Sterile
    free of living organisms
  30. Susceptible
    an individual who is not immune to a particular disease
  31. Transmission
    spread from one point to another
  32. Toxin
    a poisonous substance elaborated by certain organisms

    Ex: bacterial toxins living
  33. Viable
  34. Virology
    the study of viruses and viral diseases
  35. Virulence
    the capacity of a microorganism to cause disease
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