Aias 410-513

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  1. χρησιμον (ος  ον)
  2. ἁλιρροθοι (ος  ον)
    of the roaring sea
  3. παραλα (ος  η  ον)
    coastal, alongside the sea
  4. τα αντρα
  5. το νεμος
    glade, wooded pasture
  6. ἐπακτιον (ος  ον)
    • adj
    • by the shore
  7. δαρον (ος  α  ον)
    long, too long
  8. της/τας ἀμπνοας
    breath, the continuation of breath (so - life)
  9. τις φρονων
    one of the sane [people]
  10. ἰστω (οἰδα)
    let him know!
  11. ιδητ᾽ (εἰδον)
    you shall see
  12. δερχθη (δέρκομαι)
    he/it was seen
  13. μολοντ᾽ (βλώσκω)
  14. τανυν
    • adv
    • now
  15. συμπεπτωκοτα (συμπιπτω)
    you are fallen together with
  16. ῳεθ᾽ (οἴομαι)
    he thought
  17. επωνυμον (ος  ον)
    given as name
  18. ξυνοισειν (συμφερω)
    to be going to match with
  19. αἰαζειν
    to cry
  20. τα καλλιστει᾽
    fairest prizes
  21. ἀριστευσας (ἀριστεύω)
    having been the best
  22. την εὐκλειαν
  23. τῳ σθενει
    strength, might
  24. ἀρκεσας (ἀρκέω)
  25. ἐμαρψεν (μάρπτω)
    he took hold of
  26. φωτι παντουργῳ
    an unscrupulous man
  27. ἀπωσαντες (ἀπωθεω)
    having thrust away
  28. διαστροφοι (ος  ον)
    twisted, distorted
  29. ἀπῃξαν (ἀπαίσσω)
    they darted away (in sense of 'were diverted') from  (449)
  30. ἡ γοργωπις
    • noun
    • fierce-eyed lady
  31. ἀδαματος  oν
  32. ἐπευθυνοντ᾽
    preparing, readying
  33. λυσσωδη (ης  ες)
    • adj
    • frantic, raging
  34. αἱμαξαι (αἱμάσσω)
    to stain with blood
  35. ἐπεγγελωσιν (ἐπεγγελάω)
    laugh at, exult over
  36. ἐχθαιρομαι
    Ι am hateful/hated
  37. ναυλοχους (ος ον) ἑδρας
    anchored station, station at the ships
  38. το ἐρυμα
    defence, bulwark
  39. λοισθιον
    • adj
    • last
  40. εὐφραναιμι (εὐφραίνω)
    I would gladden
  41. ἡ πειρα
    an attempt, trial
  42. ζητητεα (ζητητέος  α  ον)
    • αδj
    • to be sought
  43. ἐξαλλασσεται
    he changes/is changed
  44. τερπειν (τερπω)
    to delight, gladden
  45. παρ᾽ ἠμαρ ἡμερα
    day by day
  46. προσθεισα κἀναθεισα
    putting towards and putting back
  47. ού πριαιμην οὐδενος λογου
    i would not buy at any price
  48. κεναισιν (κενός  η  ον)
    • adj
    • empty
  49. ὑποβλητον (oς  ον)
    counterfeit, inauthentic
  50. ἐξεφυν (ἐκφυω)
    Ι was born from
  51. σθενοντος (σθένω)
    having strength
  52. τοιγαρουν
  53. ἀντιαζω
    I meet face to face/ beg??
  54. συνηλλαχθης (συναλλάσσω)
    you coupled, lay with
  55. ἀξιωσῃς (ἀξιοω)
    Often 'deem worthy' but here: 'you expect/require'
  56. την βαξιν
    talk, speech
  57. ἀλγεινην (ος  η  ον)
    painful, grievous
  58. χειριαν (χείριος  ον)
    • adj
    • in the hands, under control
  59. ἐφεις (ἐφιημι)
    having sent to
  60. ξυναρπασθεισαν (συναρπαζω)
    having been seized
  61. δουλιαν (ος  α  ον)
    • adj
    • servile, of a slave
  62. την τροφην
    nourishment, portion
  63. το προσφθεγμα
    α salutation, address
  64. ἰαπτων (ἰάπτω)
  65. την ὁμευνετιν
    a bed-fellow
  66. ἰσχυσε (ἰσχυω)
    he was strong
  67. της λατρειας
    • noun
    • service
  68. του ζηλου
    an enviable life
  69. δαιμων ἐλᾳ (αἱρέω)
    a god/destiny will grip me
  70. αἰδεσαι
    • be ashamed!
    • show respect!
  71. τον κληρουχον
    • acc noun
    • one who held an allotment
  72. ἀραται (ἀράομαι)
    she prays
  73. οἰκτιρε
    have pity!
  74. της τροφης
    • gen
    • nourishment
  75. στερηθεις (στερεω)
    having been deprived
  76. διοισεται (διαφερω)
    he will live
  77. μη φιλων των ὀρφανιστων
    with guardians who are not friends
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