ARO 312 quiz 1

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  1. Total Impulse (rocket)
    Itotal = FR tburn
  2. Entropy definition, units
    A measure of the extent to which the energy of a system is UNAVAILABLE for the production of work.

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  3. Enthalpy definition, units
    A measure of the heat content of a system. It consists of the (specific) internal energy plus the work done on or by the gas.

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  4. Adiabatic
    “Without the gain or loss of heat. “

    This is a statement which describes optimum conditions and is used to simplify the theoretical explanation of thermodynamic processes. In reality, adiabetic processes are extremely rare.
  5. Isentropic
    “Without gain or loss of ENTROPY”

    This term negates energy loss conditions such as friction. Constant entropy implies conservation of energy throughout the system.
  6. Homogeneous
    Density and composition are the same throughout.
  7. Specific Heat
    A measure of the heat capacity of a system.

    • Two type are used:
    • Cp=Heat Capacity at Constant Pressure Cv=Heat Capacity at Constant Volume
    • The units are Joules/Kg-Kelvin. This is the amount of internal heat energy in each kilogram per Kelvin.
  8. Stagnation Condition
    When a flow is stopped adiabatically and insentropically, the kinetic energy is converted into heat energy and/or pressure. This condition allows for the calculation of TOTAL pressure and temperature and is annotated by the subscript zero.
  9. Stagnation Temperature
    The TOTAL temperature of the flow. It is the sum of the stream temperature and the kinetic temperature which would be converted if the flow were allowed to stop isentropically:

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