Nail enhancements

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  1. What are nail enhancements?
    add length and beauty to natural nails
  2. Nail enhancement techniques
    Nail tips,  nail wraps, acrylics, & nail gels 

    *when applied properly, yield artificial nails that are durable, attractive and natural looking
  3. Liquid & powder
    • •can be applied to the natural nails a protective overlay
    • •can be applied over a nail tip
    • •can be sculpted to extend the natural nail using a flexible form
  4. Wraps
    •can be applied with cloth or paper bonded to the top of the nail plate with wrap resin
  5. No light gels
    • •can be applied with a brush like nail polish
    • •can be used with fiberglass and silk fabric
  6. UV (light cured) gels
    •can be applied to the natural nail, nail tip, or for many requires exposure to UV light to cure or harden

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Nail enhancements
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