Day 19

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  1. advent
    n. arrival, appearance              출현

    The advent of the computer has revolutionized modern people's lives dramatically.
  2. article
    n. item, object, thing           (개개의) 물품

    The article of clothing was manufactured in china.
  3. assembly
    n. congress, legislature, parliament      의회

    All the citizens were hoping that the mayor would run for election to the National Assembly.
  4. associated
    adj. connected, correlated, linked  연관된
  5. aware
    adj. conscious                 ~을 알고 있는
  6. bank
    n. edge, brink, margin, shore  물가, 기슭, 둑

    Since they weren't very good at canoeing, Tracy and Bill rowed along the bank of the river just to be safe.
  7. by and large
    phr. on the whole         전반적으로, 대체로

    By the large, the members of Jinny's team agreed on the terms of the contract.
  8. challenge (2)
    n. 1. difficulty, problem       난제

    v. 2. defy                         도전하다
  9. compress
    v. compact, condense, contract, squeeze 압축하다
  10. consort
    v. associate, fraternize           교제하다, 사귀다
  11. correct
    v. remedy, amend, rectify      고치다, 바로잡다
  12. curious
    adj. inquisitive, nosy, inquiring    호기심이 강한
  13. deadly
    adj. fatal, lethal, mortal           치명적인
  14. defeated
    adj. conquered       패배한
  15. deplete  
    v. exhaust, empty, use up           고갈시키다

    The family depleted their savings to renovate the house.
  16. edge
    n. periphery, border, margin 가장자리
  17. elude
    v. evade, dodge, avoid          피하다

    The prey managed to elude the hunter by hiding in the thick bush
  18. endow
    v. dower, endue                부여하다,기부하다

    From his first public performance, critics realized that the young pianist was endowed with an incredible gift.
  19. construe
    v. interpret                 해석하다
  20. exceedingly
    adv. extremely, excessively, surpassingly 지나칠 정도로
  21. far-reaching
    adj. broad, extensive, widespread   방대한

    Arab leaders unanimously agreed on a far-reaching Saudi proposal for peace with Israel.
  22. fluster
    v. confuse, addle, defuddle   혼란시키다, 허둥지둥하게 만들다

    Bob became flustered during the job interview by the difficult questions.
  23. guess
    v. conjecture, suppose, fancy      추측하다
  24. importance
    n. significance, consequence, moment, 중요함
  25. interfere
    v. disrupt, intervene, intrude, meddle  방해하다, 간섭하다
  26. irksome
    adj. tedious, boring      지루한, 짜증나는, 귀찮은

    Many students find homework irksome and generally a waste of time.
  27. last
    adj. 1. final, ultimate, conclusive    마지막의

    v. 2. continue, persist                 지속하다
  28. manage
    v. control, conduct, direct       관리하다
  29. mastery
    n. expertise                전문 기술, 숙달
  30. monopolize
    v. dominate, occupy          독점하다

    John D. Rockefeller once monopolized the oil industry in the U.S.
  31. Overcome
    v. defeat, conquer                이기다, 정복하다
  32. ratify
    v. endorse, confirm, sanction          승인하다

    The peace treaty was ratified by Congress
  33. replica
    n. copy, duplicate, reproduction       복제
  34. shift
    v. move, transfer, switch, change  옮기다, 바꾸다
  35. stride
    n. progress                      진보, 발전

    Doctors have made many great strides forward in medical technology during the past century.
  36. subject to
    phr. susceptible to            (영향을)받기 쉬운

    The latest skiing conditions are subject to change due to weather, skier traffic and other factors.
  37. successive
    adj. consecutive, sequential, serial    연속적인, 잇따른

    The Labor Party suffered its third successive election defeat.
  38. transition
    n. change, alteration, shift                 변화
  39. undertaking
    n. enterprise, project, task      사업,과제,일

    Starting a new business can be a risky undertaking.
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