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    • How many ounces does the HGU55/P lightweight helmet shell reduce the total weight of the helmet compared to the standard HGU55/P helmet shell?
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  1. How many inch-pounds of torque if any, do you apply to the HGU55/P helmet intergrated chin and nape strap (ICNS) screws?
    13 + or - 1
  2. Which lightweight visor assembly used on the HPU55/P series helmet has a viscosity of 15 to 25 percent color shade?
  3. What is used to clean the lightweight visor lens on the HPU55/P helmet?
    Household detergent and water
  4. One purpose of the AFTO Form 334, helmet and oxygen mask/connector inspection data is to
    Record modifications to a helmet
  5. What is the approximate measurement in inches from the center eye position to the helmet edge roll when fitting the HHU55/P series helmet?
    2 + or - 1/4
  6. What knot is used to tie off the standard nape strap after a proper fit is achieved on the HGU55/P helmet?
  7. How are the extra small and extra extra small HGU56/P helmet sizes obtained?
    Use a thicker energy absorbing liner (EAL)
  8. The nape strap pad is secured to the helmet shell on the HGU56/P helmet by using a
    Nylon cord
  9. Where is the connector located that is used to attach the communication earplugs to the HGU56/P helmet shell?
    Right ear
  10. Which component is mounted to the structure of the helmet display unit (HDU) of the joint helmet mounted cueuing system (JHMCS) that provides an electrical signal representative of the pilots head position?
    Magnetic reciecer unit (MRU)
  11. What is the maximum amount in inches that the joint helmet Cueing system (JHMCS) visor should be trimmed at one time?
  12. What component of the EEU-2/P goggles' internal lens holder assembly is replaceable?
  13. When referring to night vision goggles (NVG), the image produced by the image intensifier tube (ITT) is focused onto the
    Diopter lens
  14. The AN/AVS-9 (V) night vision goggles (NVG) consist of how many major components?
  15. What is the maximum voltage direct (VDC) the power supply output can be adjusted to on the AN/AVS9 (V) night vision goggles?
  16. Which adjustment control on the ANAVS-9(V) binocular assembly is used to adjust the aircrew's line of sight?
  17. How many pounds per square inch of nitrogen do you apply to the goggle monocular during a leak test?
    3 + or - 1/2
  18. Which solution is used to clean night vision goggle lenses?
    Denatured alcohol
  19. What wattage light bulb is used for a night vision goggle test lane?
  20. What degrees of horizontal is the field of view (FOV) for the AN/ANS-10 (V) panoramic night vision goggles (PNVG)?
  21. What is the total weight, in grams of the AN/AVS-10 (V) panoramic night vision goggles (PNVG)?
  22. Aircrew laser eye protection (ALEP) devices are designed to protect against
    Specific laser radiation transmitted through both visible and invisible wavelengths
  23. Where are aircrew laser eye protection (ALEP) assets stored?
    A locked storage container
  24. How often are the aircrew laser eye protection (ALEP) glasses inspected after receipt?
    180 days
  25. How are aircrew laser eye protection (ALEP) devices fitted on the aircrew member?
    As close to the face as possible to maximize the area of protected vision
  26. What causes the density of the atmosphere to rise and fall?
  27. The pressure exerted by the atmosphere is
    Greater near the surface of the earth
  28. What is the maximum pounds per square inch charge of a low-pressure oxygen storage cylinder?
  29. The continuous flow oxygen system provides sufficient oxygen for flights up to a maximum altitude of how many feet?
  30. The demand oxygen system provides sufficient oxygen for flights up to a maximum altitude of how many feet?
  31. How many ways are there to provide sufficient pressure in the lungs to force oxygen into the blood?
  32. What type of manifold block is the CRU-60P oxygen connector?
  33. Where does the disconnection from the aircraft oxygen supply hose connector take place on the CRU-60P connector during ejection or emergency egress from the aircraft?
    Lower intake port
  34. A qualified specialist must inspect the CRU-60P connector every how many days?
  35. What is the maximum length, in fractions of an inch, that the excess restraint cord can be after being trimmed when it is replaced in the the CRU-60P connector?
  36. How many pounds should the friction disconnect force be when checking the CRU-60P oxygen regulator to mask connection?
    12 to 20
  37. What is the maximum standard cubic centimeters per minute (SCCM) leakage rate allowed during the low range leakage test of the CRU-60P connector?
  38. How many liters of aviator oxygen are contained in the single oxygen cylinder within the emergency oxygen passenger system (EPOS)?
  39. The purpose of the breathing valves located in the valve body of the passenger oxygen mask is to
    Provide an anchor for the head strap
  40. What is the maximum number of days between inspection intervals for passenger oxygen masks that are used in a non-fixed environment?
  41. The individual harness adjustment straps are attached to the MBU-12P oxygen mask with
    Capped T-nuts and a self locking screw
  42. In inches, how long is the MBU-12P oxygen mask hose?
    17 and 1/2 inches
  43. What type of cord is used to tack down the buckles on the MBU-12P strap and buckle assembly to prevent movement?
    Type IVB 8/4 doubled and waxed
  44. What prevents oxygen from being released accidentally from the emergency oxygen assembly?
    Caution tag with pin
  45. The scott 358 series folding quick don mask assembly is secured to the wearer's face with
    Spring loaded telescopic mounts on a suspension assembly.
  46. What are the three types of acceleration an aircraft can encounter?
    Linear, angular, and centripetal
  47. At what negative gravity forces is there a danger of brain hemorrhage and death?
    3 to 4
  48. What type of gravity forces act upon the body from head to foot?
  49. What aircraft maneuvers cause positive gravity forces?
    Pull out maneuvers, tight turns, and upward ejection
  50. The CSU-13B/P Anti Gravity garment bladder casings are constructed of
    Polyurethane coated taffeta cloth
  51. When the CSU-13B/P Anti Gravity garment is disconnected from an aircraft in a pressurized condition in excess of 1.5 pounds per square inch, the bladders automatically bleed down to
    1.5 psi in 4 seconds
  52. What measurements from the air crew members are needed to properly size their CSU-13 series anti gravity suit?
    Weight and height
  53. If the individual being fitted for a gravity suit is borderline between sizes what action is taken?
    Use the smaller size
  54. In the event of a slide fastener failure, the secondary restraint device on the CSU23/P anti gravity suit is designed to
    Prevent the bladder from interfering with the cockpit operations
  55. Where is the air hose located on the CSU-23/P anti gravity suit that facilitates connecting the anti gravity valve on the F-22 aircraft?
    Right side
  56. Why must the HGU-55 series helmet be modified when it is used with combat edge equipment?
    To provide for automatic mask tensioning
  57. Which CRU regulated connector do you perform a flow test and an altitude pressure breathing test on?
  58. In feet what is the maximum altitude that the CRU 122/P regulated integrated terminal block ITB can be used?
  59. Approximately how far above the chinstrap do you position the lower front rivet of the bayonet receiver for it to be properly located on the HGU55P helmet?
    1 inch
  60. What is the maximum amount you can trim the MBU-20 series mask face piece for comfort?
    1/2 inch
  61. During a combat edge equipment pressure check, what is the maximum number of breathes an aircrew member may take at pressures below 34 inches of water gauge (in. Wg)?
  62. How many inches of water gauge should the output pressure gauge read during a combat edge equipement pressure check?
    32 + or - 2
  63. How many inches should the 100 pound parachute cord be when being replaced inside the integrated terminal block connector?
  64. How many seconds should the inhalation and exhalation valves be swished in an alcohol solution when cleaning them?
  65. What torque is required on the screws when installing a microphone into the MBU20/P mask?
    15 + or - 1 inch pounds
  66. What does an air crew members survival time depend on in water temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit?
    Degree of immersion fatigue factor, and swimming ability
  67. Inspect the CWU-16/P anti exposure coverall prior to issue and every how many days?
    180 + or - 10
  68. What is the longest linear (straight) tear that can be repaired on the CWU-16/P anti exposure coverall?
    2 and 1/2 inches
  69. Why does the tops of the CWU-67/P socks extend to the flight boots when they are connected to CWU-74/P anti exposure suit?
    Reduce bulk and restriction
  70. An aircrew flight equipement journeymen performs a periodic inspection on the CWU 74/P anti exposure suit every how many days?
  71. How many sizes do the CWU 86P and CWU 87/P flyers anti exposure coveralls come in for women?
  72. In years, what is the service life of the CWU 86/P and CWU 87/P flyers anti exposure coveralls?
  73. What length must the damage be less than in order to repair the neoprene layer of a wrist seal of the CWU86P and CWU87P coveralls?
    1/2 inch
  74. How many sizes does the MBU19P mask hood assembly come in?
  75. How many volts direct current (VDC) is required to operate the CQU-7P blower assembly when it is connected to an aircraft power supply?
    28 + or - 4
  76. What position on the MXU835/P communication subsystem uses listen only?
  77. How many modes of operation does the aircrew eye respiratory protection system (AERP) have?
  78. A CQU-7P blower failure is indicated to the wearer by
    The loss of lens demist and increased breathing resistance
  79. How often do you perform operational checks on the aircrew eye respiratory protection (AERP) ensemble that are fitted for contingency operations?
    18 months
  80. What is the maximum number of times you can launder the CWU 66P aircrew chemical ensemble (ACE)?
  81. What is the minimum hours of cure time for the adhesive when replacing the plenum tubes during repair of the MBU19P mask?
  82. By what part of an inch must the edges overlap when repairing pairs the CWU 66P aircrew chemical ensemble (ACE)?
  83. What torque is required when installing the Bayonet and strap assembly to the MBU19P mask?
    46 inch pounds
  84. What is the required torque when installing the hose barb of the drinking tube assembly to the pass through on the MBU19P mask?
    5 inch pounds
  85. How many hours must be allowed for the silastic adhesive to cure when you replace the microphone gasket on aircrew eye respiratory protection (AERP)equipment?
  86. How should the aircrew eye respiratory protection tear away pull knobs be positioned during where?
    Under the lower harness straps
  87. When fitting the MBU19P aircrew chemical ensemble to a non helmeted system the face peace should be trimmed no more than what fraction of an inch during the first cut?
  88. What is the maximum length, in inches, the MBU19P mask ajustment strap can be after a proper fit is made?
  89. What is the length of the CWU 66P if a male is over 6 feet, 1 inch tall
  90. The purposes of the aircrew contamination control area (ACCA) is to provide
    detection, contamination control and processing provisions for aircrews
  91. When setting up an aircrew contamination control area(ACCA), once the consistent wind direction is determined the processing direction is established at a
    45 to 60 degree deviation (angle) towards the wind direction
  92. Who is responsible for dividing manpower into groups or teams by color when setting up an aircrew contamination control area?
    ACCA manager
  93. What item is not used for decontamination of equipment in the field?
    A solution of a mild detergent in water
  94. A minimum of how many trained technicians are required to run standard operations at an Aircrew contamination control area?
  95. As an air crew flight equipment journyman, what is your first responsibility upon arrival of aircrew members from ground operations when chemical or biological contamination is suspected?
    Apply all available decontamination methods to detect decontaminates of personnel and assets
  96. Up to how many attendants may be required to process one aircrew member in area 1 of the aircrew contamination control area?
  97. What area of the aircrew contamination control area is the boots and protective over garment removal phase?
  98. How many main components does the counter radiological warfar (C-RW) concept of operations consist of?
  99. What is the minimum hours following an event in which installations will receive specialized federal assets?
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