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    • The various styles of personal parachutes are
    • Seat, chest, back and recovery
  1. The maximum number of air speed knots that an advance concept ejection seat (ACES II) system can operate is
  2. What are the three major components of the back automatic parachute?
    Canopy, pack and harness, automatic ripcord release
  3. What are the minor components that make up the parachute assembly of the recovery parachute components?
    Pilot parachute, Bridal line, type of ripcord assembly
  4. The pilot parachute C9 canopy's characteristics are best described as a
    Multi colored 28 feet diameter, flat circular canopy
  5. What type of C9 canopy quick release is used on back automatic parachutes?
    PCU 4/P
  6. What malfunction on the personnel parachute is caused by excessive opening forces?
    Broken lines
  7. What is the ideal temperature and relative humidity for working with parachutes?
    75ยบ and 60 percent
  8. Why is controlling the relative humidity and temperature important in a parachute shop?
    Prevents static electricity in the canopy cloth
  9. What type of personal protective equipment are you not required to wear when hosting personal parachutes in a drying tower?
    Steel toe shoes
  10. What percentage range of the manufacturer's rated load do you apply to a hoist during a load test?
    100 to 125
  11. Who is responsible for ensuring all parachutes on the aircraft have been inspected prior to flight?
    Aircraft commander
  12. An air crew flight equipment specialist determines if the aneroid of the Scot release is leaking if the
    Aneroid edge is no longer visible
  13. When performing a routine inspection on personnel parachutes the ejector snaps
    Must release at 7 + or - 2 pounds
  14. Within how many hours may parachute components be used again if they are completely rinsed after being immersed in saltwater?
  15. Which of the following statements is true about cleaning deceleration parachutes?
    They may need to soak longer in fresh running water
  16. How should you prepare serviceable canopies for return to the base supply system?
    Loosely folded and placed into a polyethylene bag
  17. Which form is initiated to reflect the date the assembly was removed from service when a personnel parachute is prepared for shipping?
    AFTO Form 392, parachute repack, inspection and component record
  18. How many and where are the DD forms 1574, serviceable tag material, attached to a serviceable parachute assembly packaged for shipping?
    2, attach one to the parachute and the other to the shipping container
  19. The leg straps on a class 3 parachute torso harness
    Prevents falling downward out of the sling
  20. What is the purpose of the torso harness canopy release?
    Allows jettisoning on the parachute canopy
  21. What position is a crew member in when you are fittng a torso harness?
    Standing and leaning forward
  22. Where and how should you position the chest strap when fitting the torso harness on a crew member?
    10 to 12 inches below the chin and tighten
  23. During a routine inspection of torso harnesses remove surface dirt and contaminants with
    A semi soft bristle brush
  24. The frost canopy releases are actuated by
    Squeezing the lever and then sliding them toward each other
  25. While in training mode the cybernetic parachute release system (CYPRES) updates the ground pressure value every
    30 seconds
  26. What could you use to hold Scott release cartridges or boosters on a table?
    Cheese cloth pad
  27. What color streamer is attached to the back automatic parachute with a .25 second time delay cartridge?
  28. A red streamer installed on a back style parachute means it
    Has a 1 second automatic ripcord release time delay device
  29. What type pads are installed on the main body of the Scot automatic ripcord release to cushion sharp blows?
  30. Which components make up the Scot automatic ripcord release cartridge housing?
    Housing, snap ring and anvil assembly
  31. When performing the aneroid check on the Scot automatic ripcord release the automatic parachute release tester automatically arms the release at a simulated altitude of
    30,000 feet
  32. What designated size rod would you use to remove the cartridge and booster from the cartridge housing on the Scot automatic ripcord release?
    0.19 inch diameter
  33. When testing the Scot automatic ripcord release be sure the serviceable range is between
    13, 000 to 15,000 feet
  34. The Scott automatic ripcord release aneroid is leaking or defective if the edge is
    Not visible
  35. How much movement (rotation) is allowed in the power cable when inspecting the scot automatic ripcord release?
    No movement is allowed
  36. What torque value is applied to the power cable nut and outer housing when you assemble the Scot automatic ripcord release?
    100 inch pounds
  37. When installing the Scot automatic ripcord release power cable insert the top ripcord pin into the
    Beveled side of the power cable eye
  38. Which type stitch would you use to close the end of the SRU16/P minimum survival kit?
  39. How many minutes approximately of emergency oxygen does the MD1 emergency oxygen cylinder furnish?
  40. How do you fold the nylon binding tape of the harness when inspecting the CRU60 mounting bracket?
    Against the harness webbing edge of the right vertical strap
  41. During inspection what pressure reading should you ensure is on the pressure gauge of the MD1 emergency oxygen cylinder?
    1800 psi
  42. What type of thread is used to attach the personnel lowering device hardware pocket to the main lift web?
    Waxed No. 8/9 thread
  43. How many inches of plastic tubing is installed over the hook blade knife of the pocket assembly?
  44. What type of knot is used to secure the MD1 emergency oxygen cylinder pocket when you are installing it?
  45. What is used to install the ACR/MS-2000M survival light pocket to the pack and harness assembly?
    Size E nylon thread ,7-11 stitches per inch, two rows
  46. Identify the extraction force required to remove the cable from the automatic survival kit actuator upper disconnect assembly
    25 + or - 5 pounds
  47. Which back automatic parachute model is used for premeditated jumps?
  48. What keeps the automatic back parachute quarter deployment bag in the pack during deployment until three quarters of the canopy has deployed?
    Canopy thong tacking
  49. One purpose of the four line jettison system on the automatic back parachute is to
    Reduce canopy oscilation
  50. What two suspension lines are inspected to ensure the four line jettison release lanyards are securely attached?
    3 and 26
  51. What torque value do you apply to lock the serrated plates in place on the automatic back parachute connector links?
    8 to 10 inch pounds
  52. How many inches of unstowed suspension lines should remain on the automatic back parachute?
    18 to 24
  53. Prior to installing the quarter deployment bag into the pack of the automatic back parachute flip it
    180 degrees counterclockwise
  54. Reduce the numbers two and three "U" fold when installing the quarter deployment bag and canopy on the automatic back parachute by approximately
    16 inches
  55. what is the maximum thickness of a packed automatic back parachute?
    5 1/2 inches
  56. What size and shape is marked on the pack material when you are reinforcing a grommet?
    1 1/8 inches, square
  57. How much stitch overlap is required when you repair original stitching on personnel parachute canopies?
    2 inches
  58. The immediate cause of the canopy to extract from the outer deployment bag to full deployment is the
    Falling parachutist
  59. What is the forward peed (miles per hour) range of the ram air canopy on the basic MC-4/MC-5 ram air parachute system?
    20 to 25
  60. What is the loop attached to on the center of the suspension lines slider assembly?
    Drogue/slider control line
  61. What information is needed for th advanced concept ejection seat (ACES) II recovery system to determine its mode of operation?
    speed and altitude
  62. Which statement best describes mode 1 of the ACES II ejection system?
    Low speed, low altitude ejection
  63. What is used to align the ACES II recovery parachute reefing line cutters?
    Two, 2 3/4 inch phenolic stays
  64. What is the time delay for the reefing line cutters to fire on the ACES II parachute?
    1.15 seconds
  65. The purpose of the motor assembly on the ACES II parachute is to
    Pull the parachute container assembly away from the seat
  66. What is the inspection cycle for ACES II parachutes installed in B-1B aircraft?
    5 years
  67. What would you use to clean contaminants found inside the pitot tubes on the ACES II container?
    P-D 680 Solvent
  68. Do not twist the reefing line cutter lanyards around the mortar tube on the ACES II more than
    90 degrees
  69. How many inches of suspension line do you leave unstowed on the ACES II recovery parachute?
    18 to 22
  70. What is the maximum limitation for applying a double patch to the ACES II recovery canopy?
    8 inches
  71. When replacing the velcro tape on the ACES II recovery parachute container, before applying the second coat of cement you must wait
    1 hour
  72. How many pounds do the drogue riser assembly on the ACES II weigh?
  73. What do you inspect for on the hasp rod and retaining latch during the ACES II drogue parachute compartment inspection?
    Proper mating
  74. When preparing the ACES II drogue parachute for packing, tape the riser legs using
    Wraps of 1 inch pressure sensitive tape
  75. What torque value do you use when installing the nut of the bolt that passes through the ACES II drogue gun slug?
    None, but the dome must show
  76. What size thread is used to replace a suspension line on the ACES II drogue canopy?
  77. You determine the materials bias by a diagonal line that is at a
    45 degree angle to the selvage edge
  78. What is a constructional feature of nylon?
    It is mildew proof
  79. The tensile strength of stored synthetic material begins to be affected if it is exposed to incandescent light for periods longer than
    36 hours
  80. Which letter do you form with the needle thread when threading the tension and thread controller assemblies on the consew 206B sewing machine?
  81. The primary purpose of installing a finger guard on a sewing machine is to
    Keep the operators fingers away from the needle area and pressor feet
  82. When performing a preventative maintenance inspection on a sewing machine you check all of the following except
    Material thickness
  83. What should you use to dissolve built up grime on a sewing machine?
    Dry cleaning solvent
  84. To increase tension on the needle thread of the Consew 206B sewing machine you will turn the
    Tensions stud thumbnut to the right
  85. While sewing very thick material your needle starts bending and finally breaks. To correct this problem install a
    Larger diameter needle
  86. What component on the Consew 206B sewing machine re engage is the safety clutch?
    Push button
  87. What is the maximum size lift of the alternating presser feet on the consew 199-2A zig zag sewing machine?
    15/64 inch
  88. What is the minimum number of stitches per inch on the consew 199-2A zig zag sewing machine?
  89. What type of feed does the Chandler 767 sewing machine have?
    Drop feed with alternating presser feet
  90. Which type of hand needle is most approximate to use when repairing and installing a seat cushion cover?
    Upholsterers curved
  91. Which type of hand needle should be used to sew fabrics with a loose or large weave?
    Harness maker's round
  92. To hold plies of material together before machine sewing use the hand sewn seam pattern
  93. What permanent hand sewn stitch would you use to attach metal hardware to material?
  94. All of the following are advantages of a machine sewn seam over a hand sewn seam except
  95. In the machine sewn seam specification symbol 301-SSa-1, 301represents the
    Class of machine stitch
  96. When machine sewing you may need to minimize the bulk of a seam. Which class of seam is used for that purpose?
    Flat seam
  97. When installing binding tape on a seam, position the stitches from the selvage edge
    1/16 inch
  98. When sewing, how far behind a row of stitches should you begin re stitching if the thread breaks?
    1/2 inch
  99. When considering threads used for sewing, determine the thread strength by the
    Size and number of yarns used
  100. What type of sewing knot is the simplest to use when joining two threads or cords?
  101. What are some ways you can use protective covers to fit a particular object?
    Security, weather and dust protection
  102. Synthetic fabric made by laminating two layers of vinyl material over woven nylon is called
  103. Which seem formation provide your protective cover with water shed characteristics?
    301-LSq- 2
  104. How far as a minimum do you over stitch a hole while darning protective covers?
    1/4 inch
  105. When installing a patch to a protective cover the standard amount of turn under is
    3/4 inch
  106. What is the shape of a watershed patch used for repairing protective covers?
    Square with a triangle top
  107. What are the two types of upholstery you use for fabric coverings and cushions on aircrafts?
    Flexible and rigid
  108. What is one disadvantage of using naugahyde for upholstery?
    Does not breathe
  109. Which type of aircraft soundproofing material has heat sealed edges?
  110. To ensure a refabricated soundproofing panel fits properly you should
    Use the old panel as a pattern
  111. What type of material must you use to repair soundproofing panels?
    Same as the outer layer
  112. Which methods of installation are used to install thermal radiation barrier curtains on B-52 aircraft?
    Rolling, folding, sliding, and snap fastener
  113. What is your first inspection requirement for all thermal radiation barrier curtains?
  114. Which type of light is allowed to show through when you are inspecting closed thermal radiation barrier curtains?
  115. What is the minimum room temperature requirements before making any repairs to thermal radiation barrier curtains?
    60 degrees Fahrenheit
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