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    • The best way to show respect to other instructors after you have completed a class is to
    • Remove any equipment you brought into the classroom
  1. Tact is defined as
    The ability to deal with others without giving offense
  2. Of all the personal qualities used in air crew instruction, which one should you not over use?
  3. Sincerity is defined as
    Honesty of mind or intention
  4. Why is good verbal support material during a hands on training class necessary?
    Clarifies, proves, and emphasizes key points
  5. What is the first quality you should have before trying to conduct hands-on training?
    Knowledge of equipment
  6. Four of the most common presentation methods are lecture, demonstration, performance and
  7. Which method of instruction is such that the success of the lesson rests solely with the instructor?
  8. What is an advantage of the informal lecture over formal?
    Less instructor preparation time is needed
  9. In the discussion method of instruction, the main purpose of a lead off question is to
    Open up an area of discussion
  10. The purpose of the aircrew flight equipment continuation training program is to
    Keep air crew members current and up-to-date on equipment
  11. Which Air Force instruction establishes the need and requirements for a continuation training program within your aircrew flight equipement unit?
    11-301 Volume 1, Aircrew flight equipement (AFE) program
  12. Who develops the approved Air Force master lesson plan?
    Career development course writer
  13. Who is responsible to review personal and wing lesson plans to make sure they comply with the Air Force mastor lesson plan and are current?
    Aircrew flight equipment superintendent (AFES) or aircrew flight equipment officer
  14. How often must aircrew flight equipment continuation training lesson be validated?
    Bi annually
  15. The primary purpose of a lesson plan is to make sure the instructor
    considers every factor that might influence the effectiveness of a lesson
  16. Part 1 of a lesson plan contains
    The lesson objectives and references
  17. What is the role of the attention step in the introduction of part II of a lesson plan?
    Gains the attention of the aircrew
  18. Which aircrew flight equipment continuation training class is used for non ejection egress class?
  19. The equipment used for aircrew flight equipment continuation training must be inspected at intervals not to exceed
    180 days
  20. After completing the inspection for the equipment used for aircrew flight equipment continuation training, you must
    Doccument the inspection
  21. The equipment used for aircrew flight equipment continuation training must be
    Stenciled "for training use only"
  22. When may operational aircrew flight equipment assets be used for training?
    In critical cases, such as night vision goggles and combat survival radios
  23. Who has the authority to allow operational equipment to be used for training?
  24. What should be your number one concern when instructing equipment continuation training courses?
  25. Who must verify that an operational risk management program has been implemented in your training program?
    Aircrew flight equipment superintendent or your aircrew flight equipment officer
  26. As an air crew flight equipment continuation training instructor, your understanding and successful implementation of the emergency action plan is critical to ensure
    Everyone is safe should an emergency occur
  27. What is one purpose of an air crew safety investigation?
    Reduce future mishap potential
  28. What is the classification of a mishap that cost 2,000,000 or more?
    Class A mishap
  29. What is the classification of a mishap with a direct mishap cost totaling 500,000 or more but less than 2, 000, 000?
    Class B mishap
  30. What is the classification of a mishap that with a direct mishap cost totaling 50,000 or more but less than 500, 000?
    Class C mishap
  31. What is the classification of a mishap that involves any non fatal injury?
    Class D mishap
  32. How mny different types of safety boards are there?
  33. What is the first responsibility of the interim safety investigations board?
    Make sure the crash site has been secured properly
  34. What form do we use to document initial safety briefings?
    AF Form 55, Employee safety and health record
  35. What is the first step in determining a training program for a new technician?
    Review the career field education and training plan/specialty training standards
  36. Which is not a method we use to evaluate technical school graduates?
    Commander interviews
  37. When are field evaluation questionnaires conducted?
    Every two years
  38. What provides a life cycle training management tool that identifies career path education, training requirements, and core tasks for each skill level or duty position?
    The career field education and training plan
  39. The master task list consists of a
    Career field education and training plan and an AF Form 797
  40. How many days does a trainee have to completel each volume of their career development courses?
  41. What are the two types of on the job training?
    Upgrade training and qualification training
  42. Who should be designated as a trainer?
    Only the most competent individual on each task
  43. What document contains a complete history of your training progress?
    AF Form 623, On the job training record
  44. What form is used to document tasks not listed in the CFETP?
    AF Form 797, Job qualifications standard continuation/ command jobs
  45. Your supervisor must document all training actions on
    AF Form 623A, On the job training records continuation sheet
  46. All of the following are examples of the analytical troubleshooting method except
  47. When performing testing and operational checks you should always
    Test in accordance with (AIW) applicable technical data
  48. Who can approve a highly experienced level technician to be a quality inspector?
    AFE FEO/ superintendent
  49. What is the form used to record quality control inspections?
    AF Form 2420, Quality control inspector summary
  50. What is the requirement for a quality control inspector?
    Qualified journeyman
  51. Who maintains records of all approved locally designed tools?
    Quality assurance inspector
  52. What governs operating instructions in the aircrew flight equipement shop?
    AFI 11-301V1, Aircrew life support (ALS) program
  53. Who must approve your shop's operating instructions?
    Squadron commander or higher command authority
  54. What publication governs safeguarding and protecting all classified information?
    AFI 31-401,Information security program management
  55. What form do you use to show where the Air Force publication is filed?
    DD Form 2681, cross reference
  56. The following technical order and publications explain how electronic TOs will be filed exept
    AGI 11-301, Aircrew flight equipement program
  57. At which level are deployment manning requirements determined?
  58. Deployment manning requirements are based on the
    OPLAN and UTC
  59. Unit type codes are represented with a
    5 character alphanumeric code
  60. What do unit type codes define?
  61. What is the listing of all personnel assigned to a mobility position number to support a tasking?
    Deployment requirements manning document
  62. What is used to assign and update personnel for mobility positions?
    Deployment management system
  63. All personnel subject to deployment must complete all mandatory training except which of the following?
    Chemical warfare defense training
  64. Prior to deployment, your test measurement and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) should be calibrated to what extent and marked as what on the TMDE master listing?
    Maximum extent possible, war readiness material
  65. What personnel controls the equipment by directing the folks in the transportation control unit?
    Deployment control center
  66. What is a LOGPLAN wing material list?
    An automated listing that identifies all of the unit's equipment as configured on your base by the OPLAN
  67. The form used to identify hazardous materials for military air transportation must have a certifying official's signature and a vertical
    Red hatch border
  68. Where is a shipper's declaration for dangerous goods form not required?
    In an envelope forwarded with the shipment
  69. A limitation factors is a
    Factor or condition that either temporarily or permanently impedes mission accomplishment and requires the aid of higher headquarters to resolve
  70. All limitation factors are classified to at least what level?
  71. Who should be one of the first to deploy on the advanced echelon team?
    Experienced AFE supervisor
  72. For equipment on a 120 day inspection cycle, before deployment aircrew flight equipment personnel should check to make sure it has at least how many days left before the next inspection?
  73. For aircraft contingency configuration requirements refer to
    AFI 11-301V1 and AFI 11-301V2
  74. What is contained in a "bug out" kit?
    Minimum items needed to reestablish operations
  75. During combat operations what is your number one job?
    Protection of the aircrew
  76. The following are all steps in the OPSEC process except?
    Implement risk control
  77. Which components of COMSEC security allows the US government the ability to transmit a wide range of signals over unsecured (physical) comunications path?
    Crypto security
  78. An example of an emissions security is
    HOOK PRC 112 PLS data burst
  79. What is the usual classification of air tasking orders?
  80. How often do special instructions need to be verified for currency?
    Every shift change
  81. What electronic means is used to get SPINS information?
  82. During an attack, it is important to protect your resources; however, due to static electricity do not cover fuels or munitions with
    Plastic sheeting
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